Your Results Statement

Alright, so having done the above exercises and the above journaling, it’s on so on and so forth. And if you haven’t done it, go back and do it because otherwise you won’t be able to answer the next question. I want you to write down in your journal, your results statement, okay? Your big why. And you know, for you to kind of start to ground this firmly in yourself. So you start to get clarity about what you’re up to. Yeah, I am teaching course topic. So that important connector phrase, so that people know how to do blah, to solve the problem or pain, blah, to get bla result. Okay, so let me give you an example. I am teaching documentary filmmaking. Actually, let’s be even more specific. I’m teaching documentary film interviewing, so that documentary film directors know how to do amazing and excellent and insightful documentary film interviews. So that or to solve the pain point Their documentary films don’t really come alive on screen. So that or to get enhanced reputation and more commissions as a documentary film director. That’s just off the top of you know, I am teaching online course making so that people know how to make high quality online courses rapidly in order to not spend months and months and months trying to make courses. And when they’ve solved that pain through my course, they will then start to enjoy some financial freedom and some passive income stream which they can build over time. I am teaching Let me think I am teaching rose gardening so that gardeners people who love gardening know how to grow their roses in a way where they weren’t all get killed by the insects, in order that they have beautiful roses in their garden. You see how this works? Basically, it’s putting it together now with what you know about what you care about what you can teach how that applies. And excuse me how it applies to other people. And what principle pain point at solving that you know about because you know about the area? Yeah, you don’t have to do massive amounts of massive amounts of research to know the answers to those questions. All right. If on the other hand, you’re trying to teach something just for money, about what you know very little, and you’re just going to research your way through it, and simply teach what you’ve what you’ve researched five minutes ago, it ain’t gonna work. Okay, well, I hope that’s been helpful in terms of a series of questions. Let’s move on to the next lecture.