Your Next 12 Years

I mentioned in the invitation this program that sometimes having long term goals can be overwhelming. I’ve also experienced that sometimes if I only have short term goals, there might be some disconnection or lack of continuity, as far as where I’m going and how the goals support each other. What I’m looking to do in this exercise is help you get an idea of where you’d like to go over the next 12 years. Now, I want to be clear on this, you might be clear that you only want to look one year, two years in the future, or more or less, whatever works for you. I’m going to hold this out as a 12 year possibility. I know sometimes in my case, I have certain milestones, for example, My children are at an age where in about seven or eight years, they’re going to be both out of the house, presumably. If that’s the case, I’m not too sure what the rest of that’s gonna look like for my wife and I and what we’re going to do, we have some ideas, but we’re actually enjoying letting it be. So this is not meant To be something that you have to know where you’re going to go. And if even in all this, you say, Wait, I don’t know where I want to go 90 days from now, that’s great. But some people like to have a sense of a trajectory of where they’re going, especially if they are working towards a longer term goal. So in this exercise, we’re going to focus on that. And I’m gonna encourage you, if you haven’t already, to pause and get out the workbook that goes along with this are the sheet that goes to this exercise, so you can do this along with us. Alright, so what I’m going to do, every time we do one of these exercises is I’m going to do my best to really help you get present to the exercise. So as somebody who has a background and a master’s degree in psychology and has certification and life coaching has done a lot of work in this field. I know that sometimes our brain, our head, our ego, whatever word you want to call that our mind can make decisions for us that are based on fear or based on worrying about other people’s opinions for us, or are we gonna get approval or what It might be. And sometimes we need to get to a place that’s a little more centered, a little more focused, and a little less worried about what are they going to think. Now for some people, that just simply means getting quiet and getting still. For other people this might mean inviting inspiration from God, the universe, whatever you might choose to believe in. I’m not going to focus on God the universe or anything like that in this program, but at times, I might invite you if you like to, to call it inspiration from whomever or whatever inspires you. It might be a famous athlete or a famous artist or somebody from the past. You just think the spirit of them might help you. I don’t pretend to understand how the universe works. But I do know and I have experienced that if we can get out of our day to day just really stressed out minds and focus more on get getting present and silent and quiet and hopefully turning off our mind Little bit, these exercise will help. So I’ll take you through this exercise now. And I invite you in the future. If you want to meditate before this, pray before this, breathe soundly for five minutes before this, whatever it is that works for you. And you could do that now. And then that can sometimes help you get better answers so you can see if that works for you. Now, let’s set some big picture goals of what your life could look like over the next 12 years. And what I would encourage you to consider is that this doesn’t have to be perfect. And this is just going to be a starting place for us. As I’ve mentioned before, this can be as many years as you want it to be. What I invite you to do is take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Close your eyes if you like or keep them open if you prefer. Take another deep breath in And now slowly release it. And allow your thoughts to kind of just melt away. Allow yourself to be open to whatever is about to come to you. And breathe in one more time. And slowly breathe out. As we do this exercise, I invite you to be open to receiving inspiration from whatever sources you find inspiring, whether that be artists, or musicians or entrepreneurs or people in your life, or people you’ve known or historical figures or God or whatever works for you. And I invite you to consider if we were looking back on your life, we were talking 12 years from now. And you accomplished one main thing. There was one overarching theme one big goal that you achieved over that 12 years. What would that goal what would that super goal be? Maybe it’s a financial goal that has something to do with how much money you’ve made or saved, or how much debt you’ve paid off. Maybe it’s a family or relationship goal of how you got along with your spouse or your children or your extended family. Maybe there’s something to do with your career, evolving in your career, starting a business. Maybe there’s something to do with your education. Whatever that is, allow yourself to see what that super goal is. And feel free to pause the video if you need to, to let that surface for you. And once you’ve gotten clear on that, I invite you to consider in each of the following you Starting this year, what would be the one thing that you could achieve, or the one goal for that year, that would make that year an awesome year? And maybe you get two to three years into this, maybe you get all the 12 years through whatever way is fine. But allow yourself to receive guidance and inspiration. And look at what would it be that you’d be achieving? Maybe all of these achievements would be supporting your super goal, maybe they wouldn’t. But in each case, see what it would do. In order for you to hit each of those, how that would support your main goal, and how that would make your life more the way you’d like it to be. And if you need to at any time, pause the video. And then once you’ve gotten your goals, I invite you to consider what one habit could support each of those goals. One habit that you would Master, maybe it’s getting up early in the morning at 5am. Maybe it’s working out a certain number of times a week. Maybe it’s meditating or praying, maybe it’s doing a certain number of exercise. Maybe it’s studying a certain number of hours or learning or growing. Maybe it’s spending a certain amount of time with people you care about, or volunteering. Whatever that is. Get clear about what that habit is. Maybe it’s a weekly habit or a daily habit. Something that helps you really support that goal for that year. And again, pause the video if you need to, to complete this. And then once you have your super goal and your 12 individual goals or however many you choose to do, and your related habits, look at that. And see, is that what you want? Is that what you want to create? If you’re really excited about it, then you’re finished. You’re not sure you’re done with it, maybe put it aside for a while, come back to it, and get it as close as possible without obsessing over to what you’d like to see happen. As you go down the page, you might be less certain about what you’d like to see happen. And that’s okay. We just want you to have a place that you’re aiming towards, and you’re moving towards, for as much as you’d like to plan to the future. And having a goal and a habit that supports that. If you have any questions on this or need support with this, please let me know. I invite you if you feel comfortable to post your 12 year super goal in the comment section. There might be Other people who are doing the program who could support you in that. Certainly find out people who support you, I’ll do my best to put you in touch with them. As always, I look forward to helping you create the life you most desire, one month at a time. Please let me know whatever I can do to support you in this. Thank you.