Your Next 12 Months

Hopefully now you’ve become more clear about some of your longer term goals. What I want to do now is help you think about what’s most important for you over the next 12 months. So what I invite you to do is if you like Close your eyes or keep your eyes open, and take a deep breath and slowly release it. Take another deep breath. slowly release it and take one more deep breath and slowly release it. And if you wish to call on anybody or anything for inspiration or support, I invite you to do that. Now. want you to think About if we were talking 12 months from now, and you only got one new major goal completed one new super thing that was done. What would that thing be? What one achievement or accomplishment would make a huge shift in your life and the way you live your life. Maybe it’s a financial achievement like paying off a certain amount of debt. Maybe it’s a Career Achievement, like getting a certain job or starting your own business. Maybe there’s something to do with your relationships or the way you get along with your family or your friends. Maybe there’s something to do with your physical health, or something of that nature. Think of what that one goal would be. And then now think of in the upcoming 12 months. What’s the one thing you’d like to see happen in each of those 12 months. Each one of these months might or might not directly support your one super goal for this year, very often it will think about again, if on a month by month basis, you got one main thing done. What would that one main thing do? What would that be? What would you achieve? And in order to make that happen, what habit would you need to embrace? What new way of being and doing what new activity would you have to do that would support that monthly goal? Now, just take a moment. Pause the video if you like. Allow the ideas to come forth to you. And then Write out the ideas on your next 12 months sheet. If you have pencil, that can be a great idea. And just know that these are things that can change. This is just a starting point so we can be moving forward. And once you’ve had a chance to complete all this, complete your goals, your habits, and your one super goal. Take a moment, look at it. And just consider if you can get this done. Would this make for a great year? If the answer is yes, then you’re complete with this exercise. If there’s still some things you don’t like, maybe put it down for now come back to it later. But keep working on it until you get it the way you’d like. it to be. If you feel comfortable, please put your 12 month super goal in the comment section. If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, I look forward to helping you create your most desired life. One month at a time. Thank you