Your Beat Procrastination Sword

You’re on the battlefield with procrastination dragon doesn’t hurt to also have a sword does it? Think of this, like the tool that will help you to be proactive in beating procrastination. So in the last bonus, you got a shield to protect yourself. But now let me give you a tool that you can use to powerfully take action every day to obliterate procrastination for good. It’s called changing your identity. Here’s how it works. Imagine it’s the 1960s. And you’ve had enough you’re your friend Lucy think you have big noses. So you go to your local plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell maltz, and get a nose job. You walk out of the room with an entirely new nose. Over the next few months, you realize that Lucy has an entirely new life. She’s more social laughs more goes on more dates, you’re the same. So you start to wonder how did surgery change only one of you. So you go back to your doctor and you ask him what’s going on doc? Maxwell maltz wrote a book called Psycho Cybernetics. And he says in the book that each person carries around a blueprint. Think of it like a map that tells you how to build a house, except instead of a house. This blueprint tells you how to act, what to do, and even determines what you can accomplish. It basically controls your life. What do you think is on this blueprint? Actually, it’s pretty simple. This blueprint has just one thing on it, how you see yourself, it’s called your self image. Lucy became an entirely new person, not because of her new nose, but because she suddenly saw herself in a new way, and you stayed the same, because you didn’t see yourself in a new way. your self image determines how you act what you do, and even determines what you can accomplish. You think you’re a lazy person, and there’s no shot, you’ll sit down and work 10 hours a day for the next year. You think you’re unattractive and there’s no shot, you’ll approach someone you’re attracted to, and expect them to say yes, you think you’re bad at math, and there’s no shot, you’ll get the highest grade on your next math test. And when it comes to money, Dr. Joe dispenza says in breaking the habit of being yourself, that you can’t become rich, if you keep feeling poor. Your personality is just how you see yourself. And Dr. Maxwell maltz says in the book that change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior. Here’s why all this matters. And I want this to sink in for you because it might be some of the most important words I’ve ever repeated in any video I’ve ever done. Maxwell maltz says that your self image is the golden key to living a better life. And it’s the golden key for two reasons. One, because all your actions, behaviors, all your thinking is consistent with the self image and two because this self image can be changed. So maybe now you’re thinking Sign me up. How can I change my self image? Well, there’s a guy by the name of Arthur Ashe novel who is a world famous concert pianist, but he rarely practiced for any length of time on an actual piano. When asked about a small amount of practice, he said I practice in my head. And my challenge for you is to be like Arthur Schnabel, practice being the type of person you want to be in your head. How do you do that? Easy every night before you go to bed. Here’s a powerful habit that you can start acting on, set your electronic timer to 11 minutes and spend those 11 minutes seeing yourself acting the next day. Exactly how you’d like to act. I love this. By the way, you know, like Edison’s wife said about Edison that he’d always think about the problems that he wanted to accomplish the next day as he went to sleep. So he’d give it to his subconscious or unconscious mind to think about when he went to bed. I see this as you kind of doing something similar. before you go to bed. You see exactly how you want to act the next day, and then you go to sleep. So how do you do that? recovered it right? See and then see your alarm going off. When you’re when you’re visualizing this, you want to see your alarm going off and shooting shooting out of bed. See yourself writing your goals and doing your wicks in the morning. See yourself working for your first 30 minute chunk of the day with intensity. See yourself going through your whole day with intensity, and purpose. See yourself crossing things off your list one at a time. See yourself being exactly how you’d like to be the next day the type of person who obliterates procrastination and who gets everything you want to get done. Done. Do this for 11 minutes before bed every day. And you’re doing two things at once. First, you’re setting yourself up for success the next day, in second you’re changing your self image and permanently turning yourself into the type of person who beats procrastination for good. Do this for 11 minutes every night. Don’t miss a night. It’s just 11 minutes. You always have a lot of minutes. And it might be come the most productive 11 minutes of your life. It’s like Brian Tracy says in the new psychology of achievement, the person you see is the person you’ll be. In other words the person you see in your mind before you go to bed is the person you’ll be the next day.