Your Beat Procrastination Shield

Bonus number one, let’s talk about your shield. So I want to introduce you to something called the 10 minute rule. So Amy Johnson wrote a book called The Little Book of big change. And she says in the book that we all have urges to do things that aren’t good for us like to eat dessert, or to go on YouTube when you should be working. But here’s the interesting thing about the urge that we seem to forget. She says that it seems like the urge makes us get into it. But it’s really like a lizard with a megaphone. It can yellow at once, but it can’t actually make you do anything. In fact, every urge is just a thought. And here’s a fact about every thought you ever have, it will leave. It’s like a snow globe that’s been shaken. It feels all chaotic right now. But if you just let it be, without trying to make it go away, it just leaves doesn’t seem like a big deal. But most people don’t know this. And if they do, they don’t act on it. They think the only way to make the urge go away, is to give into it. So they do, but they don’t realize that an urge is just a thought thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky. You don’t need to fight the urge or even resistant, you can just wait for it to go away. So what does this have to do with beating procrastination? Well, we’ve covered three steps to beat procrastination, three parts to be able to slay the dragon. First, you became the type of person that can fight the dragon. Second, you had your cup, so you get all the nutrition you need to be strong and powerful. Third, you had your plan, which is your game plan on how to slay a dragon. Now, I’m giving you a shield, you’re on the battlefield showing up as your strongest self, and you have a game plan. Now I’m also handing you a shield so you can protect yourself when the dragon tries to breathe fire on you in the heat of battle. That shield is what near AOL calls in his book, The 10 minute rule. If you find yourself wanting to get into a distraction, don’t fight the urge that just makes it stronger. Instead, tell yourself that you can give in. But right now, you’ll wait. You won’t do it. Now. You just have to wait 10 minutes. If you want to give it in 10 minutes, you can. This is what psychologists called surfing the urge. You’re like a surfer noticing the sensations inside and writing them like a wave without pushing them away or acting on them. You want to get up to check your phone or go on YouTube or check the score from yesterday sports game. You can just set your timer for 10 minutes work for those 10 minutes. And if you still want to give in after 10 minutes, go for it. This is so powerful, by the way that when I met my dad’s cousin for the first time, a few years ago, he told me he lost over 100 pounds. Using this technique. He said whenever he wanted to eat something he didn’t want to eat. He said I’ll eat it. But first I’ll wait 10 minutes. Most of the time he didn’t want it anymore after 10 minutes and that’s how he lost 100 pounds. So use this same shield to protect you from the fire of procrastination.