You Can Never Compare the Sun and Moon

In this chapter I want to speak about comparison with others. The moment you start comparison with others, the happiness just start with a story. Once there was a great summary warrior who has gone through many events and many places, yes, one great many was in great pain and importance in this warrior has even rescued many people from the evil things such as a great person is a great person. With this great bar, you wanted to have some amazing listening. So even if Sony wanted to reach some folks, so he went over there, and when he saw this great mom’s very little, this summary Maria had a great and in depth feeling of inferiority within himself. He does not know actually why. So he waited the whole day. See this peaceful moments and after this moment after their everyday activities or they have depressed people, and the summary was able to meet one of the hitbox. The time was most probably the late night, this summary variant Enos approaches long said, My dear mom, I have been great many things and I have attained a great name and fame, but irrespective of the fact that it is inferior in comparison with you, you seem to be very, very, very peaceful. When you know how you have done this or what is the secret for this game is emerging among the simply smile and he looked up and shown to Samurai warrior. He has a samurai warrior. Can you just really tell me this is a moon grader? What is the sun Ranger the summary Maria thought for some time, though the moment obviously the sun does Obviously, the sun shines wonderfully better than the moon and Moon does nothing actually just reflects the light of this set amount. I think you know, we thought this beautiful moon, how can we see the goodness of this? What would have happened if I started preparing for this and I think it would be a disaster like what bought and sell are separate entities. So, it is the same thing between you and me. We both are separate beings or nature of Java’s different or nature of life is different. Our journey to this lake is completely different. in this circumstance, how can you compare both of us, each one has its own journey, and I need friends, it is one of the most important things that you have to stop comparing yourself with others. In whatever pace you take, or in whatever nature of the job you take, there is going to be someone who’s always greater than three Thank you. If you just start a big race running up to this person and catch him up and every time you want to be sooner or later your life would be completely fighting and you’d be frustrated. So, it is better that you stop comparing yourself and make acceptance in your life excellence before I get into some of the things that stop comparing your comparison with others. One of them will be the awareness they want you to know like, how do you know that? You lose your comparison. Gentlemen, if not, can you do this? The first and second point is do you really appreciate things of others? It is it was like if some if your polling has not a promotion was job, it is better than you might appreciate. And you’d be happy for what has been gotten. Rather if you feel that, Oh, my God, this person should be like this. If these kind of thoughts keep on coming into your mental awareness already or not, because they ended up hurting so badly, and these are things that I can ask you to stop compressing, and one of the most important is the philosophy of I am not enough. This is not a cycle. This is what keeps on going continuously. The depth of this verse are completely unknown. You can never finish better than you want to live a happy life. stop comparing yourself to the next