Yoga for Cyclists

Hi, welcome to this yoga class foot cyclists. So we will be starting in a seated position so any comfortable seated position for you, I will just start by taking three deep belly breaths just to get the diaphragm moving a little bit. So you might like to bring your hands to your belly, we can just leave your hands on your knees. We’ll take a deep inhale, feel the belly expand under the hands. And then on the exhale, just roll the navel in towards the spine. Do that two more times and feel the belly expand. ax hell, navel to spine, Moto, nl, le expanse. ax how navel to spine. Right. So from here, bring the left hand out to the side, and then we just sweep the right arm up and Eva palm Sitting down, you can come on to the forum if you like or just stay on the palm. Notice where the around info is and just see if you can open up through the chest. Then in our brain, both arms and overhead or take to the other side of the room, right hand out, left arm over. might notice the structure on the side of the body. And inhale, come back up. Just bring your hands down, take a little bit but next stretch. Now start to walk the laughing is upside tense in the fingers, and then drop the right ear over the right shoulder. You might start to feel the stretch here. Or you can lift the left hand of the floor, maybe start to flex the fingers in towards the body. Again, stay here if you like will take the right hand and just place the fingertips on the side of the head, don’t push down here. You just want to let gravity deep in you into the pose. And then support the head come back up to send or take them in the opposite sizes time just working the right fingertips out. tenten hands up the left arrow in the left shoulder. Stay here if you like me, lift those fingertips and start flexing towards the body. And then maybe taking that left hand just placing the fingertips on the side of the head. And just remember to keep breathing here. Support the head back up to center this time of Take the hands or interlace them behind the back. See if you can bring the palms of the hands together. If that isn’t available to you, you can just take opposite forearms, maybe opposite elbows and you’re in a long forums fine. And whichever option you’ve taken, you will just start to pull the around backs you really open up, cross the chest, nice chest opening here. Can maybe send the gaze up and then if you like, you can see if you can start to hinge forward from the hips, just taking the arms up slightly. And then gently make your way back up. At least the arms will take a stretch for the wrists now. So bring the hands out in front of you. And man, imagine you’re pushing into this invisible wall. You Notice whether you’re around in fluids, if you can pull the shoulder blades together to really start to open up through the chest, while still pushing into time this ball, you might start to notice over stretch over the race down the forums. And then release the hands, shake it out a little bit. And we’ll do that again. So pushing that invisible wall, pull those shoulder blades together. And this time, the left hand will just start to rotate the fingertips so they’re pointing down. With the right hand, just gently pull the finger back, just creating space in between the joints. really open up the hand and the fingers. And when you get to the firm, just bring the hand over top, stretch net back there. Great. And then shake it out. We’ll do that on the opposite side, start pushing that invisible wall. Really open the fingers creates space between the fingers and start to rotate the fingers, the right hands the pointing down. With the left handers gently such create some space in between the joints. The fingers when you get to the fungus come into the top and then release it down getting a little bit of a shake. We’ll make our way into full force positions or how would you like to get there maybe just rolling over the feet. Checking that those shoulders after the wrist, the hips are in the knees, I’ll take a few cap cows. So on the end, however up the belly down aloof, the gaze. Then exhale structure around through the spine pool the naval energy drill head In how the spine left in the hedge, round for the spine pool and a LAN one more time in how to make your way back up. Exhale around through the spine, really pull that nail in the in house made your way back to a neutral spine. And from here we’ll tuck the toes and start to walk the hands back. So you might just be here or that feels okay for you. And I’d like to do this as well. To get the structure of the whole thing just make sure you all your pinky toes all the toes are in contact with the floor might intensify the stretch a little bit to see how we are. So this can be quite challenging pose for a lot of people need careful attention. The feets if you didn’t need to come out of it any point you can just bring the way off The feet a little bit and then maybe come back in if you like. While we’re here to try and distract us from our faithful to a little bit of another wrist stretch, so this time I bring the hands out in front of the fingertips pointing down. We still want to pull the shoulder blades together, since we’re rounding free the back then this time was hate the right hand and take the thumb in the middle of the palm of the hand, and then just gently pushing to the thumb as you pull the hand in towards you, you might notice a bit of a stretch over the top of the wrist. Number lease, maybe roll out the wrist would take on the opposite side to hand that front, fingers pointing down, take the left thumb in between the palm of the hand is gently pushing there and then we’re live Use the hands roll out, bring the hands down and release the feet a little bit, maybe that was the arches of the feet. Now we’ll work on the ankles to the front of the ankles. So just on top the feet, bring the weight back again, you might just be here today, you might even be a little bit more forward, that’s perfectly fine. This used to be a very challenging pose for me, but it’s really great for the ankles. And then maybe stay here or if you like, you can see if you can start to walk the hands back. Maybe and see if you can lift the knees off the ground. You might even want to post here just to see what feels good for the body. And if you do feel any sharp pain, and you just come but just come out of the pose take one of the more earlier poses. When you’re ready to come out of it just slowly walking forwards, maybe lifting the ankles and just getting them a couple of rolls in one direction in the opposite direction. So we’ll take a downward stroke now. So just make sure we’re back in our office position for our show and start playing our wrists, hips over the knees and then tuck the toes. really start to push into the whole hand, push the knuckles index finger down and then start to pull an angle in as you lift the knees off the ground or hover and then continue to move the hips up and back. Rather than with dog, you might need to readjust your dog slightly, maybe widen in A little bit. You want your hands about shoulder distance apart feet about hip distance apart from each other, just just over hip distance apart. And then that’s the first hour stop, stretch a walk your dog by bending one year at a time. This is a really great stretch for the back body and we’re building strength in the upper body as well. And then come to stillness and come up onto the balls of your feet. And we’ll just drop our heels over to the left side, little bit of a stretch with the mighty band. Who if the hills coming back up, we’ll just drop the hills over to the opposite side. And then only if the hills come back up. So this time I’ll lift the left leg up, Miko, and a three legged dog and then see if you can Bring the knee in towards the noise as you warm through the back, hold it and then drop that foot down in between the hands and what we use your left hand to help you get there. And drop that back knee down. So we’re in a low lunge position. Check your knees, step through the ankle, maybe untuck the back toes. And then open next in help who the navel and blue is the thumbs up. Exhale to bring the palms together and drop them down in front of the chest will take a twist and moving on the exhale will rotate from the belly towards the left side. And then see if we can place the elbow on the outside of the left knee and start to push into the hands can get any deeper into the twist. If you like him unless he can lift the back knee off the ground, maybe even opening up the arms. Now, whichever option you’re in, on the next Inhale, slowly unwind the same way we came back in and come back to center and reach the arms up overhead. Exhale, hands on the floor. You bring your left hands that’s on the inside of the left 30 We just moved the left foot out slightly wrong. The next in our reach the right arm up. Pull the navel and on the inhale. See if you can make your way up to a standing position. Keep the arms out long. Next year now bring that back, up and over or even Hello lunch x how to place the hands on the floor, maybe move that left foot back if you need to lift the back knee, shins to handle that front leg up into a three legged dog right back into a downward stock. So take another look, stretch your legs over in this downward stock. So this time with the right leg up and just place the big toe and the second toe and the back of the hill or just above the heel of the left foot and gently just push down there. This is a good stretch for the Achilles and for the calf. Release, come up to a downwards jog. We’ll take that on the other side and it’s time to left big toe and second toe on the back of the handle of the foot. Shouldn’t we just push him comeback to a downwards dog. So we’ll take that sequence on the opposite side now. So just lift in the right leg at this time for three legged dog. And, on the exhale, draw the knee in towards those rounds for about, hold it here. See if you can place that foot down between the hands, maybe use next handout together. For the day, I’m checking the status of your ankle. Cool, unable to can lift the arms up. Exhale, bring the hands together and roll them down for into the chest. We’ll move on the exhale. Again such a root hate the body towards the right side of the room. And then see if you can place the elbow on the outside of the right like pushing machines the hands see if we can get a little bit more into the twist. Should you twist in from the from the belly. Maybe talk about toes and lift that back up. Maybe open up the arms. How much other options option taken will come out but the same way we come in, maybe drop in the need in combat cup breaching hands up overhead. Exhale, police the hands out frame that front foot. Bring that right has me inside of the left foot making movies I set out slightly on Linux game now, which have left arm up gays coming up. It can be down the feels good for the neck. And then draw the navel in. Start to bring yourself up up right keeping the arms out nice and straight. Next in our take the bodies its face in the front and sweep that left arm up. Exhale, frame that foot. Tuck the back toes, lift the knee, push in that front foot up and back, around and back into downwards. Dog. We got one more little stretch rolling on down with Dog. This time we’ll take our right hand set, you can lift off the floor, and then place the left hand over on also the right hand on either the left five, the left cough, maybe the ankle, and then you start to look under the left arm hit. We’re in a little bit of a twist here. Remember, keep breathing. I’m worrying that right hand back will take on the opposite side is that when you’re ready if the network Left hand we just placed in it by the bright side of the, of the calf, maybe the ankle and then you start to look into the right side of the arm and bring that left arm back, back to our office, space and dog. And just start just laying. Hands up. Bend the knees as much as you can bring the belly to the tops of the legs. For me, I just start to dangle here, you might want to just bend and straighten one leg at a time with kneel down, taking the arms to opposite elbows, and just dangling here for a moment. When you’re ready, release the arm slowly roll your way up to the stand. position, row in the shoulders down and back when you get there, in a couple of shoulder rolls, we’ll take a short warrior so he couldn’t smell. So we want to move to the front of the mountain. Just make sure you’ve got enough room behind you for this one. I’m gonna sign Mountain Pose. So, we’ll start with our feet about hip distance path. Just take a moment to look down at your feet and see if you can lift old hand who’s off the map. Feel the weight, really ground through the full corners of the foot. So we want to maybe bring our weight forward a little bit, see how that feels. And then play a little 10 phase back down the floor. And then from here, we’ll take the left leg more take step back and you want the toes of the back foot angled out. 45 degrees and a bend in the front knee, hips facing forward. Maybe just check your hips nice no line there. In our reach the arms up for one. You feel any pain in the back knee can come on to the ball of the foot as well that’s perfectly fine. The next in house, start to rotate the body towards the left side of the room. And then drop the arms down the show the high, palms facing down, keep that bend in the front knee. Maybe just check see if it’s coming in at home. See if you can just push out slightly maybe readjust labels, you can widen that stance that feels good for you. Number up the left hand down the back. Rotate the front palms facing up and sweep them up and over reverse warriors warrior Come back up to warrior two. From here, start to rotate the hips that come in towards the front again, keep that bend in that front knee, you can bring the arms down by the side, we’ve been moving into warrior three. So we want to start to bring the way forward into that front leg. Arms can come out behind us to help the with the balance. And then just see if you can push forward lifting that left leg, that left back leg nice and strong Keaton toes pointing down on the hips, try new level two, the food scene not coming up all farms can be out by the size aeroplane arms. Or if you like, you wanted to test your balance. You can bring the arms out in front, maybe show the height makers bringing the pants together and if you fall out of it and snow problem, just come back in. When you’re ready, gently placed up back down on the floor and bring the arms off the head through right back in a high lunge position. This time we’ll rotate the hips or we’re facing the left side again and start to stray in that front leg. When the arms back down shoulder height, the summer road hit the palm so they’re facing the left hand stop the hinge forward at the hips towards your fight. And then start to hinge at the hips bringing the right hand down inside of the right leg. can maybe you might be up here it’s fine. You might be against the calf you want me on the inside in the end come in with the fingers. gets arrested on the floor. Make sure you’re not dumped in any way and then really want to open up through the chest. Notice if the arms coming forwards if you can, keep it nice and open. This is a triangle pose. Pool enable. Imagine someone’s pulling you up, like holding your left hand pulling you up. I can’t wait back up and bend in that funny or tapes the hips are facing forward. Again, if you can just step that back foot up. Maybe just walk out the leg for a little bit to take a pose for dancers pose. Now. If you’re on quite a thick mat, you might just want to move on to a hard floor and we’ll start with grounding free the left leg Start to really pull up through the left muscles of the leg, even that leg nice and grounded. And remembering the right knee out in front. And then start to bend that knee forwards and see if you can take your right hand and just cost it around the ankle. You can push for with the with the hits. Yes, this is quite a nice stretch for the quad muscle. And you might want to take your left hand sits on the left hip and stay here or you can bring that left up and overhead palm facing forward. Or if you’ve got che you can hold on to the chair as well. So this is a starting position for dancers pose. So you might like to stay here or you can start to just bring the weight forward, hinge at the hips. push into the top of the left hand new on the front half Come down, let’s level with the ground. Just push into the back 30 pushing to the hand, start to feel the stretch, open up the hip flexors and the quads. Gave me out over the fingertip that feels okay if we know course if you fall out with it, that’s fine, you can just make your way back into it. And then when you’re ready to come out, slowly make your way back up. Release the mean just get a little bit of shakeout. So be taking that sequence on the opposite side now. So just make your way back to something that when you’re ready, we’ll start in Mountain Pose again. So feet hip distance apart. Let me just lifted all 10 toes and displace and gently back on the floor. Next time we’ll step back with your right foot to 45 degrees, and in the front, nice step during the anchor and to the waist or the hips, just check they’re in line with the front of the mat. Then in how to reach the arms up exhales up to rotate the bodies that’s facing the right side of the room. Dropping that arms down to shoulder height, palms facing around for it to drop the back hand on the back of the fight back the leg, rotate the front palms it’s facing up, and then just sweep the arm up and over reverse where I keep and bend the front knee and come back up to worry to retake the bodies that were on the torso. So we’re facing the front of the map the right side of the mind again, from start to move into worry three to bring the weight forward into that front leg. Arms can be out behind this help with the bounce, keeping the toes the backplate down. That’s really imagine that you’re being pulled in two directions here. So we want to work towards must be in a T position. Arms can be out an airplane or if you’ve got the room and the balance, it can bring the arms out in front, even bringing the hands together. Okay, connect shoulder distance apart. Now when you’re ready, we will controls that you can place that back foot down. So with neons head and a high lunge position. Drop the back heel down if it’s not already set to root hate the body so we’re facing the right side Have the room. Start to straighten through that front leg. Be careful not to look the name it was one a little bit of a micro ribbon here. arms come out nice and wide, palms facing towards the right. And start to hinge forward from the hips. And then we’ll just rotate that left hand, bring it on the inside of the left leg or in the right arm. So we’re working towards a nice straight line between the two hands. Gaze can be up it can be down in the fields because the neck is open opening up the hip is like what he had a bit of a stretch down the slide body to know when you’re ready to school in a will in Nigeria being pulled up by that right hand. Back into standing position. All right. Hey. The boys that were facing forward, bring that backhand up and overheads are in a high lunge position. And to step forward to the front of the match, man, we just count the feet a little bit to take dancers pose and the opposite side. So this time, we’ll start to really engage the muscles in the right legs and pull them up from the kneecap, engaging the glutes really nice and stable here. Bring the right hand to the hip, bring the left hand out in front. Then start to just bring that lesson I think I said right before let’s find you any cast in the ankle, the left hand side we could push forward with the hip so you start to get a bit of a stretch for the the quad you can bring Go right hand up with a palm facing forward if you like. So you might want to just stay in this pose. And we will call this Flamingo close. Or if you like, you can move into dancers pose. We can do that by starting to bring the weight forward, comes down so it’s about parallel to the floor and start to push into the back legs of machines that maybe using a chair support if you need guys can be out of the front thing is when you’re ready to come out of it, just learn everything I can away back up. A little bit shake. When you’re ready, we’ll make our way down to Matt. So the same way we came down and we come into a bowl of soup you can lift the back wheels if you like. The arms around the legs, dropping the head in. Release. Just come down to the floor. Just take a few poses and then move on top box on the floor. So from our office positions showed standard errors hips over knees, or poor enabling with the left leg up. Let’s swing my leg forward to the outside of the left hand. Toes will be angled out slightly might want you to show me the back knee back a little bit later this part is You can take any movements that feel good here. So maybe just rocking backwards and forwards and bring the left hand to the left binding opening up a little bit here. Or you can maybe come down to the forearms, maybe even lift the back knee up. Wherever you are, just drop the back knee down, start to walk the front foot sets behind the right wrist. Then just place the need down. If you feel any knee pain, you can have your foot angled in slightly, maybe I’m talking about toes, your hips nice and straight. Start to lift up through the chest. Stay here if you like. We can start to walk hands forward, maybe from the forehead. Down to the hands. Wherever you are and you’re ready to come, I just walk back up. Top the back toes, really fat knee up and back. Just quickly transition into downwards dog. Will the leg sound less the opposite leg this time. And then just bring that foot forward placed on the outside of the right foot, maybe placed in the back knee down on tucking the toes. Back in lizards pose again taking any movement you like. might notice that one fun Side feels slightly different to the other and that’s perfectly fine. Just notice that when you already start to, here’s how the right foot sits behind the left ankle in this, place that foot down again, you might have the leg just talking a bit might feel better for me about toes, check that the leg is out long. Lift up for you the chest. Maybe just walk the hands down, bring in the headsets resting on the hands, make a little pillow, maybe have the spouse alone. Remember to keep breathing how much other option you have to start to make your way out, walk in the hands up. Take the handle, lift the wall and then just start to feel a little bit and then come down to our fun. Bring the soles of the feet to the floor. Lift up for the chest, just bring the hands up behind you. The fingers can be pointing forwards here to start to open up through the chest. And you can stay here if you like. Or you can see if you can just lift the hips up move Just taking the head back, you can keep it lifted, you can drop it that way that feels good for you start to really lift up through the hips. This is a really good one for the upper body. And then slowly just placed in the bone back on the floor, the way up system, we’ll leave the soles on the soles of the feet on the floor for as long as we can. We’ll make our way down to the floor just with control. See if you can keep the feet on the floor for as long as possible. Pull in the navel in and bring the hands off. Overhead legs out straight. For a nice full body stretches really stretch for the hands for the toes. That’s how I release the arms down. So take stretch for the legs now. So start with the soles of the feet on the floor. We just take a left leg up. We have the So foot to the floor. You might stay here or you can take the hands, maybe play some behind the by your face behind the car. Continue to prove down with the pinky toe, see engaging the muscles in the leg, push up through the hill. If you’ve got tight hamstrings, they might start to shake a little bit like mildly. You can stay here you can maybe extend the right leg out long. Just continue to save you to push through the hill. Start to deepen into the pose a little bit. You can even see if you can move the light forward a little bit. Just work within your limitations here. hamstrings do tend to get quite tight for cyclists so it’s just important to notice that and not push yourself too much Bring our right hand now to the the right hip. Left can we can just be on the outside of the left leg, we’ll just start to bring that left leg out towards the side. So you can try it with the right leg fence, but that feels better for you. You want to make sure that your hip is staying grounded. So that’s why it’s keeping our hands here for now. But if it is easier, you can send that right arm out long palm facing down just to help counterbalance the like in how bring that like I can bring the right leg up. We’ll be moving out to the opposite side. So this time, send the left out long to the side calm facing down. Again, you can have the leg bends flew out long. We just take the right leg clicks on the left side of the left leg and start to send that leg crush the body. Hip can come off the floor. Just try and keep the left shoulder grounded down here. You can bend the knee feels better fee for got foof knees bent, that’s also fine. You might even send the gains over the left fingertips. It was okay for Nick. Slowly support the leg to come back up. Then that left leg out long just for a moment just notice how the lights feel. Maybe one leg feels slightly differently the opposite leg might feel slightly longer and will next in the opposite We’ll take that on the opposite side now so you can remember if soles, the feet to the floor to start with. And just take that right the legs that’s up. So, you want to start pulling the pinkie turning towards the nice, engage the leg muscles, push up through the heel of the foot, who plays the hands behind the calf, maybe behind the thigh, maybe behind the collar, keeping those toes pointing in. Maybe send the left leg out long. I don’t know if you can see and like shaking, I feel a bit here. Just notice that maybe he is out of it slightly. You can gently just play around with it. See if you can get any differential pose. You can use your breath to help with that. So on the inhale, even maybe back off a little bit. On the exhale, just if you can lengthen anymore. Remembering that a left hander, left hip right on the outside of the right leg, and then just see if we can start to pin up to the right keeping that left hip grounded down. Maybe seven out long help with the balance. Keeping the toes pointing in towards the knee. Support the leg to meet with backup will move to the opposite side this time so this time around, become as long as the left arm on the side of the leg and start to guide that right leg across the body. You might have any Ben niguez can be out towards the right or can be up right. Just keep that shoulder on the floor. And then you’re ready to support you like making your backup bring the legs out along. side, palms facing up, or especially low back, you can bring the feet so they’re bathmat distance upon the knees fooling for him together so this supports. This helps support the low back a little bit. I want to stay here for about a minute just bringing our attention back to the body. might like to close the eyes, we can just soften the gaze And then just know just how the body feels when they feel any different to when you started the practice today. When you’re ready, you can start to make some small movements make a move in the fingers, the toes, the hands, the feet, the wrists and the ankles. Start to move the head Side slide if that feels good for you. And then just slowly and gently make her way up to a seated position, maybe rolling to one side for a moment. Pushing, push into the hands and make your way back up to see physician. And in yoga usually ends the practice by bringing our palms together from the chest. Just saying, together, no mistake.