Write as You Speak

Hey guys, and here’s another writing tip. Right? As you speak, that what does that mean? I’m basically saying, you know, make sure that as you’re writing you do not edit. This is so important. Because when you’re writing and you in that creative process, many times, what we want to do is we want to quickly, you know, cancel what we just wrote, in May, you might be typing, you might be typing something, and then you want to cancel it, because the idea sucks. Or maybe you misspelled it, do not do that in your writing. Because when you’re in the writing process, you are in the creative process, you are getting into that pace, where you just, you know, sharing and just dumping whatever you need to dump in your in your stories, okay? Now, what the best way for you to do is edit after have some time, maybe the next day, or maybe after couple hours. But do not write an edit. Even if you made a typo mistake, you just keep writing, because you don’t know if that idea is good or not. Because you don’t have any distance away from it. But when you’re in the moment, you can see the bigger picture that maybe you’re writing, but you just can’t see the damn moment. So okay, do not write while you edit is the same, like when you’re speaking, like when I’m speaking to you like right now, I’m not editing. I’m not like, Hey, how are you? Or I’m not gonna do like, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not editing, I’m just by now I’m just speaking to you freely. And that’s how your writing should be. Just write freely, do not edit a dull moment. What I would suggest is you can write whatever you need to write and then maybe the next day, you can edit. But if you ask me what I do from my books, I just write chapter one done, write, write everything. And then when you’re done, go back and edit everything. Now you can go through with an eye for editing, instead of writing. But again, do not write and edit at the exact same time because you’re using two different I don’t know if there’s two different functions of the brain, I really can’t explain it. But it’s just two different processes. And you’d be it would be counterbalance to what you’re doing if you’re trying to do it at the same time. So again, hope you guys find this useful. Please, please please do not write. Do not edit as you write and just trust the process. Thanks