Wisdom – The Right Intentions To Carry

For a technique to really work to transform the mind, one has to carry the right intentions. So if one carries the intention to deceive oneself, well to congratulate oneself with sarcasm, being this technique won’t work. One has to really develop the self belief that one deserves the praise. So the intention is to accept ourselves ss, that it’s okay that we have done something silly but it’s okay. That we have failed, that it’s okay. So if you carried on tension, for instance, you have failed but actually you weren’t successful. That’s kind of lying. You just have to simply accept yourself for whatever happened and try to develop this se believe that it’s worth congratulating, that it’s worth complimenting because no matter what you do in life, you deserve love, you deserve to be accepted. This is the kind of belief we are trying to develop. And it’s by developing this self belief this developing self acceptance, that old habit patterns of self criticism. old habit, patterns of dwelling and happiness will start to melt away and new paths to happiness will be opened to you.