Wisdom – Benefits Of Challenging The Mind

Self transformation happens when we try to challenge the mind. And when the mind is challenged, we can experience in the resistance, we can experience uncomfortableness. We can experience discomfort, pain, inside, realize this is normal, overcome it. Once it’s transformed, you won’t feel it again. Now, we all have habit patterns which take us down on the road of misery. You see, we do this very strange thing in life code self judgment. We have a list of things at the back of our minds of what we should do, what we should not do to be happy. For instance, if we do not get a job, good job, we won’t be happy. If we do not have a good girlfriend boyfriend, then we won’t be happy. If we do not impress our parents will meet people’s expectations. We won’t be happy. And the list just goes on. If we embarrass ourselves, we should not be happy. If we trip over, if we make a joke that as a workout, it’s our fault. You see, in life, we do this thing called self judgment, limiting your potential to experience happiness. And this and that list of negative things, is the exact same list that we’re trying to transform the mind to develop greater happiness. So when you apply the technique, if you could choose things, from that list, to congratulate yourself, then you can really transform the mind. And you can really transform your fears as well. Because of because our fears of being rejected by others, usually come from the fears. No, our fears of being rejected by others come from the list of things that we’d reject ourselves about, because we always fear being rejected by others in the same way that we reject ourselves. So keep on applying the technique except yourself for everything that you do no matter what, because you deserve to be loved. No matter what you do, no matter what you are, that is how you develop greater happiness and release your limitations, you know limitations, the limitations that you have set yourself.