Wisdom – Are We Lying to Ourselves?

Now some people may think that we’re hypnotizing ourselves, we’re lying to ourselves when we try to congratulate ourselves for something that we don’t think we deserve the price. But this is not the case. Let me explain through an analogy, say that you have a fear of speaking in public. Now, if you always let that fear overcome you, you will never overcome that fear. That is by telling ourselves that we can do it, pushing ourselves to the stage in front of the audience, that we can slowly bit by bit, overcome that fear. So that next time when we are faced with the same situation again, we can overcome that fear. But if we do not overcome that fear, that fear will overcome us. We will simply sustained that old habit patterns of reacting, negatively reacting to the fear of speaking to the public. So we’re developing self belief. And in the same way, this is what we do when we practice that technique of self placings, when we experience a resistance, of not wanting to congratulate ourselves, when we experience in the resistance, that we feel like we don’t deserve the praise that this technique is silly. We have to overcome it. That’s how we transform our old habit patterns. That is how we develop self acceptance, because that feeling of inner resistance is self rejection. It is the state of self rejection that is making us feel that way. So the hidden states of self rejection can make us feel like this technique is silly that this technique won’t work, or that we just don’t deserve the praise, it’s useless to even congratulate ourselves overcome this, overcome that in the resistance and that is how you will transform your mind and develop self acceptance. You see, the more you do this the next time you will feel like it’s normal, the fact that you’re experiencing and the resistance because you’re just not used to congratulating yourselves. You’re just not used to accepting themselves.