Look for a brief word about me, you know, who am I and who am I in particular to be teaching this to you? Well, first of all, I’m known internationally. In fact, that sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? But I’ve known I’ve known around the world for documentary films. for 2530 years, I was a documentary filmmaker, I made about 30 or 40 Productions or even last count. This was my last production made in 2016. It’s about basically how the CIA and effectively the KGB collaborated together the Gru In fact, it’s the military intelligence arm of Russia, collaborated for six years in 1990s. on climate change. That’s an amazing story, using super secret spy systems, satellites and specially cleared scientists on both sides. They worked hand in glove for six years to actually study the way the planet works. So at that my last film was basically made about that. Anyhow, for a very long time, I was known as an investigative documentary filmmaker doing stuff around the world. About five or six years ago, I started to teach on Udemy. And to bring some of the stuff that I’ve learned in the filmmaking and and elsewhere into a series of courses on Udemy. And I’ve now got about 33,000 students around the world. I think it’s actually a, it’s a great thing to be able to say to people, there’s, I’ve got 33,000 students in 165 countries. Yeah. And so I know a thing or two really about what works in course making what students want, how they react, what they don’t like, how reviews work, how that particular marketplace works, certainly, you know, I mean, basically I’ve got a few insights into that. And in fact, now I’ve set up an academy on Udemy where I’m working with other instructors through a system where we are actually building out courses and launching them on on Udemy and that’s under this brand called brilliant to actually be able to find online. And you know, but as I say this course is a brilliant to and madbright guide, because madbright is all about A free course is full of good energy I think and and full of practical useful stuff for you. Yeah. So so basically I’ve brilliante on number of got together in this to actually bring you this particular course. But that’s that’s basically my background. You know, I’ve got I’ve got a background that flows out of audio visual creation and storytelling as a very firm underpinning that also experiences as an instructor and now for the past several months actually setting up a business and running an online business as well. Okay, so that’s basically my my background.