Why Resistance Doesn’t Work

Okay, so in this lesson, we’re going to address why resistance doesn’t work and help build that recognition. So let’s say when there’s these stressful feelings that arise within us, okay? Let’s look at this bundle. Okay, so I have a bottle with me. And let’s say we are this bottle. We are this bottle, only stressful feelings have been bottled up. And they’ve all been they’ve been bottled up over the years. And now they’re coming up to a point where they want to get released, they want to get released, okay. Now. So the key point there, first of all, is that it’s within us. It’s within us this stuff that’s coming in. That’s coming up. Sorry. It’s coming up from within us, isn’t it? And the way it can recognize this is that there’s no such thing as a stressful situation, right? Two people respond totally different to the same situation. What does that tell us? It tells us that people respond based on how they are not how the thing outside themselves is. Right? So It’s coming up from within. It’s coming up based on what that person has stored has built up over the very long time. What what has what have they been building up within them? unconsciously? Anyway, so the first that that key point there is that what’s coming up is coming up for you from within you, and it’s coming up. And you can release it forever. If you know how if you just do this, if you do this, you can release it forever. If you resist it, if you resist it, then this is what you’re doing. So it’s coming up, like this bottle is coming up, wants to get released, and you’re by resisting it. You’re saying, I’m going to put the cap on. I’m going to put the cap on I don’t want you there. No, not now. Not now. So it’s coming up right now. And you’re saying No, not now. And what does that do? Well, it puts the cap on. And is it gone? No, it’s not gone. It’s still in there. It’s still in your it’s still in your by resisting something and saying not now. I don’t want you now not here. That’s what resistance is, then you put the cap on. But eventually, eventually, it’s going to build up again. And you’re going to, it’s going to come up again. And you’re going to say No, not now Not now, again, because we haven’t been taught otherwise. Okay? I’m the same with you until I was taught. Otherwise. I didn’t know how to do this stuff either. So we say not now. Not now. Okay. So it’s still within us. It’s still within us. When we resist stuff. We’re denying how it is. And with, we’re kind of denying how it is. So we want to accept how it is. And we want to be willing to take the cap off, and just let it all come out as it does. Let it all be there as it is. So it’s gonna, when we take the cap off, it’s going to release and that release might be a little bit discomforting, a little bit discomforting. So what we want to do then, is be without discomfort as it is without resisting it. We want to be willing to experience whatever we experience, right? It’s really simple because we’re just To experience whatever experience so we just want to be willing to experience that. That’s all. Be willing to be with things as they are. Let go trying to make them do any different like or trying to figure them out. You don’t need to figure it out in order to release it, you just need to be with it as it is. So just take the cap off, and release all that stressful energy. And once it’s released, it’s gone forever. So you just got to be willing to release it. Okay. Start, resistance doesn’t work for this lesson. Because you are putting the cap on when you resist things. You’re putting it on the saying I don’t want it to be there. But in doing so, yeah, you’re unconsciously putting the cap on and blocking things. When you’re saying I’m willing to experience things as they are. Whatever it might Be, you’re accepting the truth, you’re accepting the truth of your experience. And you’re taking the handle off. When you’re saying I don’t I don’t want this, you’re putting the cap on. When you’re saying I don’t want this little when there’s a little hesitation, then there’s just like a finger on it, there’s a finger and that’s okay. You know, we can start. We can go from going from I don’t want this at all to or I don’t know, if I want this. It’s kind of icky. You can see, I don’t want this at all. Okay, I don’t know if I want this. You see how it’s we’re actually making progress there. So it’s okay, you’ll be making progress just by listening to this is the high likelihood, I’ll even say that I guarantee that you’ll be making progress just by listening to this. So even the pros the progress of going from, I don’t want this to maybe maybe I’m willing to start to loosen the fingers off it. And then eventually we get to the point where we kind of go whatever, you know what I’m just going to experience this how it is We just lift our fingers off in a moment. So that decision to just accept things as they are to be willing to experience things as they are. It’s actually, it’s like that it’s spontaneous. It occurs spontaneously, because of its own. It’s momentary. It’s just instantaneous. It’s that easy. It’s that simple. It’s that simple. It’s that easy. It’s just a, and we let things be as they are. That’s all however they are for however long, whatever we decide, whatever we’re going to get over that day, we’ll let this thing be as it is. That’s what it is, again, just for familiarity. We don’t want to be resisting because when we’re resisting, we’re holding it all in. We’re holding on in. Okay, so that’s this lesson, and I’ll see you in the next one. See you soon.