Why Bother

Now I suppose the final thing to kind of dig into a little bit here is, why bother actually making online courses? Can I do something else? Isn’t there another way to operate online, you’re going to find a huge number of online businesses, online activities, online organizations, and you know, stuff obviously is going more and more online these days, are using online courses as a crucial part of what they do, whether they’re solopreneurs, whether they’re bigger businesses, whether they’re really huge organizations. Everyone is getting into online learning and education. It was always said that this was going to be a huge growth sector since COVID-19. It’s it’s become a rapidly growing sector. My course enrollments, for example, have pretty much tripled since March of 2020. Yeah, they just went up like a rocket. And so I, you know, I know from personal experience, quite how valuable this skill is quite how valuable this sector is. But I’d encourage you to think about three things really. One is, first of all, about sustainability of what you’re doing, it’s very important to be doing something that actually creates assets and create something that can grow over time. And you can become better and better at more more specialized, and perhaps certainly in certain areas of that. And that’s essentially is going to survive the kind of sea changes that we’re going through right now in terms of COVID in terms of, you know, the knock on the economies of the world, but also in terms of artificial intelligence coming in, there’s going to be quite heavy impact of climate change in the future. There’s a series of really quite big challenges coming down the line. And it’s important to be able to develop skills which are actually genuinely sustainable, which will be wanted which will be desired, which you can adapt which you can grow, which you can diversify over the years. And so next up and I think this one really does have to be kind of, you know, kind of knocked on the head and we’ve got a hammer this particular nail and online courses Yep. Do they certainly can bring a significant passive income, or at least as near as dammit of passive income, no income is actually truly passive when you start to think about it, but what effectively what an online course can deliver you is income coming in month after month, year after year for something you may have made quite a long time ago. Yeah, one of my most popular courses I made extremely rapidly is now about 6000 students, and I don’t talk about specific income figures. But trust me when I say it brings a very healthy amount of money and, and and pretty much allows me to build my business without engaging other staff and actually focus on stuff that I’m truly interested in. And that’s a tremendous privilege, you know, people will crawl over cut glass to have passive income. And online courses can certainly be a pathway to having that or a component part of the pathway to actually having passive income. So I think it is worth saying that Yeah, but it is a medium to Long term gain. It’s not a quick fix, usually, okay? what this is about really is building a series of so called digital assets. Yeah, an online course represents a property in exactly the way in which perhaps a house or an apartment or you know, perhaps even a car D values, but a house actually acquires value over time. A classic bottle of wine would be an asset, right? it acquires value over time, things that essentially you know, you buy and they can actually then start earn income, yeah, are become income streams in your life. These basically are incredibly valuable assets. Well, an online course is a digital asset, okay. And a series of online courses is a portfolio of digital assets. That’s the way to think about basically how that how to develop this into into a business.