Where The Bliss Is

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Hello Madeline Weiss mind over matters. Welcome back to managing your mind this is module four, where uplus is that’s right or the bliss is instinct bliss possible for you any time, anywhere. I know, I know too good to be true. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it okay. And it’s all about the placement of our attention and our control over that. My tutors have said my Aveda Vedanta tutors have said that the bliss is at the interface of the working surface. What that means is where the knife the surface when the knife meets the skin of the tomato, where the paint brush, meats the surface of the woodwork. For our purposes right here right now, it is where the sound of the voice enters our senses. In our case, begin to practice right now, where the sound of my voice meets your ear. the working surface right now is the sound of the voice. So you can just listen without judgment, and see what happens. At work at home, wherever you may roam, keep your mind out of the past, keep your mind out of the future regrets about the fact the past would have should have could have about the past worries about the future. Now there will be times when it will be important to think about the past, for example, to review a situation for lessons learned. And there will be times when it is important to think about the future for planning purposes, for purposes of creativity, imagining a future. Everything starts with that kind of Spark. But these are purposeful. These are not random mind wanderings that take this away from what is present before us. So getting control to some extent of our attention. being conscious, the gurus talk about being asleep when we are awake, so bringing your consciousness to bear on our lives. And speaking of consciousness. So this is your brain, the three pound blob of tissue, speaking of consciousness, that runs sometimes ruins our lives. And people are beginning to understand more and more over time now. So for the first time, this study hones in on a small what they call coma specific region of the brainstem. in red, there are lots of big names for all these parts. But apparently there are these three brain regions that work together as a triad to maintain consciousness, to which I say, Wow, and good for them. But that’s their job. Meantime, our job is to keep the thing as fit as we can, for among other things, the love and work we need to do. And by the way, of course, these depends on each other work, family harmony, and all of that. And when we’re not doing our job, we’re all stressed out, and none of it is going as well as it could notice here that the dog is the one with the clear mind. And Robert sapolsky is why zebras don’t get ulcers. We learn that the dog is less likely to be walking around filled with remorse about its behavior yesterday, nor worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s time for lunch. So they eat, they are not worrying about how many carbs and whether they should or shouldn’t Oh, no, they’re going out for dinner shouldn’t have had such a big lunch, blah, blah, blah. Animals just do what needs to be done in the moment and move on but not us. Our minds are all over the place. You know, when you’ve read a book. And sometimes, if someone asked you what you just read in the last three to five pages, you wouldn’t have a clue because your mind wasn’t really on the pages. Same thing with driving a car you got to where you needed to go. But if someone asked you what was going on on the road on the way there, you might have no idea. So there’s lots of stuff in the way of the command over the mind. That is so essential. To our work, indeed, to our whole entire lives, we are sometimes missing all of the bliss. And I think you know that other people do notice, and they do mind, and round and round that goes, dragging around what came before worrying about what comes next. So let’s just get a grip. So we can be and enjoy, where we are. Another tool for the toolbox coming up, it’s called focus and release. This tool, focus and release will be among your resources and activities. And let me tell you a little bit about it. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to stop yourself when you’re engaged in an activity and have run out of time? How much of whatever we might be thinking and feeling about the job we didn’t finish lives on to contaminate the activity, we need to move on to next. And how much attention are we even paying to the activity we are doing in the moment we are doing it. One improperly attended activity after another can ruin the enjoyment and the results of that activity and burden you with an overall sense of dissatisfaction that simply does not need to be there. So this exercise is designed to help you learn to focus on the activity at hand that working surface. And then to put it down just as important, the focus and the release, equally important. So you can pick something else up and move from one activity to another with fuller attention and the satisfaction that goes with that. So let’s put this tool in our toolkit. And I’ll see you next time for module five on more on mine mastery, when I will show you how to kick things upstairs to the higher brain rather than having your lower brain behind the wheel of your life. Take care bye bye