What to Do Now

Congratulations, you’ve now completed beat procrastination the three step system to completely obliterate procrastination from your life. And the question now you’re probably thinking is, what do I do now? The idea here is we’ve covered several things for you to do. And I’ve wanted to keep it as simple as I possibly can for you to be able to take it and put it in action. But even so, there are several things that we’ve covered. And it might still be too much for you to take action on immediately. So what I’d like you to do is go through your notes, or go through the different sections that we’ve covered, and ask, Where do I want to start? And maybe you say, okay, what’s one thing that I want to do and just start with that one thing, and make that a habit and apply that and get perfect, did that and then add the next piece, the next piece, next piece, for example, let’s say you say, okay, all I want to do right now is clarify what my goals are, and do my morning ritual. So I’m going to write rewrite them every day, do my Wix and do 30 minutes of work on my most productive thing before checking my phone, maybe that’s all you do. And you say everything else I know this class is here for me, I’m going to come back and revisit it. Or maybe it’s something else that you choose to do. Whatever it is for you decide what it is right now before going on to the bonus videos, or doing anything else and decide what that is this commit to taking the action today and see what results you start to get. So anyway, I’m so so so grateful that you took me up on this course that you went through it that you’re taking action, and I hope you’re getting a lot out of it. If there’s anything that I can do to help you on your journey. Please feel free to reach out anytime and I will talk to you soon.