What Other Ways Can I Work on My Cardio?

So beside besides training on the treadmill, or walking outside, there are other things you can do. In the gym or yourself. You can buy yourself a bike, or a treadmill or elliptical trainer or you can then send any of your favorite music. And basically what’s the most important is to start with low intensity 45 to 60 minutes or whatever exercise you can even mix together the bike with the walk, or the elliptical trainer with the bike they are in lower impact because your body weight is not carried by your knees and your leg. So it is easier for your body to start, especially if you have too much overweight on your body. So you can also accumulate these exercise times durations by daily three to four times 10 minutes of doing these activities. So they will all count No, no no key is that we do this every single day. And what whichever modality you choose, it will be up to you. So make sure that whatever you feel spontaneous that they that’s what you choose. And once you got a little bit more fitter, then you can increase your intensity. So then you are jumping into your cardio fitness you really working on your, on your fitness as opposed to the metabolic fitness which got your blood sugar, cholesterol, insulin levels all into normal, which is a very, very important part. But here now your heart and lungs and your entire circulation will be working much much better. So you can choose any of the cardio exercises. And what happens is it’s enough if you do 30 minutes, four or five times a week and you alternate it with your strength training. And this moderate intensity will be that you cannot talk but you you can you can talk but you cannot sit So try this out what is the intensity but you can still talk but you cannot sink so any modality bike walk run on the treadmill, rowing stair climbing, elliptical trainer, whichever you choose and you can alter it in every 1015 minutes. You can switch over these if you are in the gym, you can easily do this. So that would be other exercise modalities most important that you enjoy what you do and have fun. Thank you