What is Safeguarding?

Let’s look then at what is safeguarding. Here in the UK, the Care Quality Commission defines safeguarding as safeguarding means protecting people’s health, well being and human rights and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. So in the UK, local authorities, local councils have overall responsibility for safeguarding within their area. And this role covers all people under the age of 18. But it only covers adults with care and support needs. And this is defined in the Care Quality Commission guidance. So who is covered by safeguarding? In the UK, any organization that provides services to young people, or to vulnerable adults must have safeguarding procedures in place. All people under the age of 18 are covered whether or not concerns have been Noted only adults with care and support needs. And in the UK that means a care plan are covered. It’s up to the local authority safeguarding team, who will be part of the social work department of the council to decide if an individual needs to be subject of a care plan. Nevertheless, organizations have a duty to inform the local authority safeguarding team if they have a concern about an individual and it is the safeguarding team that will decide if a care plan is needed. In Scotland, Child Protection committees within each local authority area are responsible for multi agency Child Protection Policy, procedures, guidance and practice.