What is HTML

What is HTML? HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is the standard markup language for web pages. This markup language is used by the browser to manipulate text images and other content to display it in its required format. So what does an HTML page structure look like? Well, the basic structure of an HTML page is given below. It contains some elements like head, title, and body. These elements are used to build the blocks of webpages. So what does this mean? Well, HTML is the outermost style element. It represents the document as a whole Within the HTML tags are two major areas the head and body. The first of these head is used for storing metadata for the document, such as calling your CSS stylesheet. In this example, within the head tags is the document title, which is done with the title tag. The second major area within the HTML tags is the main body. The body tag holds the various pieces of content that the end user sees in the output. In this example, within the body tags, you have three sub elements, a heading tag and two paragraph tags. There are many more kinds of tags and elements that can be added to the body section. In addition to the three that you see in this example,