What Format to Use for Your Writing?

Hey, so now you might be asking yourself, you know, what format do I use to write my book? You know, do I write it? Do I type it? And so I just want to answer that question, because it’s a common question people ask. So you can do different things. Now you can write on a book, and then type it later on into your computer. So you can do that, you can just type straight on the computer. So you can use either a Microsoft Word or google doc or an Evernote, you know, whatever it is, you can use whatever to type in and write, start writing your chapters. Okay? Now, another way that most people don’t know, is you can actually speak your book. So most people, they cannot, they don’t have the patience, or they’re not in writing is just not their natural forte. And that might be for you. And maybe you want to write a book, but the way you can do it is you can speak it. So you can actually record yourself. So let’s say, yeah, every iPhone has a voice memo app, and maybe even for the other phones like Android. So you can just go, you can press it, and you can actually just speak like, what you’re gonna write about the stories or whatever. And then when he ended, you can actually send that to a transcriber, who can actually take that and convert that into a Word document. So in a way, you don’t have to do any writing, you can just record it on your phone, and then send that audio to a transcriber who can do it for you. In fact, they even websites, where they use AI technology, and what they can do is what you could use, you could take the mp3 player from the fall or whatever, you could take the mp3 of your audio, and you can just upload it to the website. And they can convert it for you know, for free, or for the lowest charge. And I’ll put in a few resources of different websites that can do that for you. And so there are different ways that you can write. Personally, for me, when I did my first book, I wrote everything down. And then I took that and I put it into a Word document. For my second book, I just went straight and just started typing just to save time. But now and then for my third book, and I do the exact same thing that I’m about to launch, where I just was typing everything. In fact, I use, I did the transcription where I basically took interviews, and then I transcribed it. And then I got the word doc. And all I did was just edit. So it was great. So you do what suits for you there is no one right way. You want to make sure something that feels easy and feels more naturally to you in the way you speak. And the way you share stories for me is writing for you might be more speaking and you do videos, so it’s easy. In fact, you could take some videos that you might have done already, and you can convert that into a Word document. So there’s different ways that you can do this. So anyway, I hope you guys found this useful. And I hope you guys get started on writing the way that feels most most comfortable for you. Bye