2. What Are Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny john. So today, I want to talk about this suffering states of the mind and how they are caused by the negative ideas we have from within. Now the suffering states of the mind, the state of mind, which promotes unhappiness, for instance, limitations negativities confusion, so if you’re experiencing anger, fear, regret, unhappiness, you’re experiencing the suffering state of the mind. Now the dark state of the mind as certainly mysterious because most of us do not know why they are there and where they’re from. But one thing that we would know is that we don’t like them. And we will try our best to avoid them. And often when, if we and so if we have a choice, we would choose to run away from from them, rather than towards them. And as a result, we don’t know anything about them. It’s kind of like the elephant in the room. It’s there, but we don’t want to talk about it. And then some countries that has even become a stigma to even talk about the issues of their mind. As a result, we lack knowledge. We do not know why we are experiencing suffering. And because of the lack of knowledge. The suffering continues because it’s not addressed. Now, it’s easy to come to a conclusion that the cause of our suffering states of the mind come from outside by the people who have angered us by the situation, the job interview that has given us the fear but it is only when we look within we realize that it has to do with our with the quality of our prescription. For instance, the word stupid when it’s seen Some may find it offensive, some may not react at home, some may even find it entertaining. So it has to do so at the quality of our experience comes from the quality of our perception of what that word is of the ideas we have about that word, and what makes inexperience negative, other negative ideas. So the quality of the experience we have when we live in this world comes from the quality of the ideas we have inside. So what are the negative ideas and the previous videos, we talked about the negative ideas, negative ideas or the ideas we have the ideas that we have become attached to which promotes The self rejection, for instance, negative ideas can be let me give you some examples. I hate that person because she’s arrogant. I’m a failure. So, I should not deserve happiness. That situation as horrible I do not want to try new experiences the list of negative ideas infinite, but to simplify it has just understand negative ideas itself declarations beginning with it is not okay. Because anything you put after that sentence will become a negative idea. So, when you experience a negative idea being triggered by an outer experience, all levels of the self will experience it, the mental self, the emotional self, the physical self. So, when you experience for instance, a situation When you failed in a business in the idea of it is not okay to fail surfaces, you will experience negative emotions, negative physical sensations, negative thoughts, because you have failed. And likewise when you become attached to the negative idea, it is not okay to be stupid. When someone says you’re stupid, then you’re going to experience suffering. You’re going to experience negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative sensations, the totality of this experience suffering. So in summary, oh forms of suffering states of the mind are caused by the negative ideas we have within negative ideas or the ideas which promote self rejection. So when we are in a state of suffering, we are in a state of self rejection and the next few minutes We will be talking more about negative ideas, how to discover them, how to transform them. So I’ll see you in the next few videos.