Welcome to the World of Powerhouse

Tips inspired by the book, “Powerhouse: Turbo Boost Your Effectiveness and Start Making a Serious Impact” by Mike Clayton.

Welcome to the world of powerhouse. A powerhouse is somebody who is full of energy that is highly effective and is therefore very productive. Throughout my career, I have often been described as a powerhouse. Six years ago, my daughter was born. And in that time, I have continued to run and grow my seminar and speaking business. But I’ve also started another career as an author. Just a few weeks after my daughter was born, I started work on my first book. And now a powerhouse will be my 13th full length book to be published. And I’ve also written six short ebooks to all of that. In six years so powerhouse is personal to me. I want to use powerhouse to share with you my secrets of effectiveness and productivity. So I hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you very much for buying it.