Hi there, this is Bernard Kelvin Clive and I’m excited event finally enrolled in this course and I’d be glad to share my strategies and tips with you and the course how to convert your content your idea your book into productive and more profitable venture business. The truth is that these digitally connected and controlled world content comes in various forms. Individuals consume them ways to best serve them. Yes. Yes, there seem to be tons of content channel daily from big brands into Indy dolls, was seeking the attention of people like you and I, to pitch in the business and make sales. The competition is noisy and crowded out there. The challenge is how would people like you and I get attention of the masses and the right people to sell our products and service to them. One of the many ways to 10 your idea your concept into a profitable venture business is to use a course what I call classify your content. So in this particular workshop masterclass, I’m going to walk you through the process of taking your idea your concepts, and turning that into a course online, which is more profitable than selling a single, single books. So get ready, prepared and get excited for the journey is about to begin.