Welcome! Let’s Transform Your Work Life!

Welcome to the program. I want to just take a moment to set a framework as far as how I understand this work and how I believe I can help you. I don’t believe I’m an expert on God, I don’t believe I hold the key to the secret to the universe. I found some things that work for me. Most of them have been things I’ve learned from other teachers or traditions, or coaches or ideas or just life wisdom. And I’ve been able to put them together in a way that as far as I can tell works for me. For the most part, I really enjoy my work. I really get a chance to do the type of work I want and work with the people I most enjoy. It’s not always a picnic, but I really get to do the type of work that makes me feel like I’m sharing my gifts with the world. Sometimes I make more money from work that doesn’t feel as powerful for me, but it supports my family and I still believe in it. Sometimes I do really meaningful work that makes money sometimes I Do really meaningful work and it doesn’t make a lot of money. But in the overall process, I’m getting to do my life’s work. I’m getting to the things that I believe I was put here to do. I have time to enjoy my family, my friends, my life, and I have an income that allows me to be able to enjoy these things. Now, a lot of things in life do come to us. I’ve been blessed to be supported by wonderful parents. I’ve grown up in a part of the world where abundance is perhaps much easier to create than in other parts. But overall, I do think all of us share this desire this need to share our gifts with the world and know that regardless of whether there’s money involved or not, that we’re making a difference. We’re making an impact. And so whether it’s volunteering, I happen to coach in the community, youth sports, that’s something that feels great to me. It doesn’t make me any money and yet it feels like it’s part of my purpose. Or maybe I’m doing sales coaching to people or advisor coach on how to help other people manage the final is better than create abundance, and that happens to make money for me. And that feels also part of what I do, or whether it’s this work. So I invite you to consider that. Again, I’m not looking to be your guru, your teacher in the sense of I know this and you don’t, I’m going to more look to guide you through a coaching process. And so you’re not going to hear me declare a lot of things. You’re going to really see me walk you through processes, and really, hopefully direct you to your own answers. So whatever your religious or spiritual tradition or absence of it, I encourage you to consider that there’s this voice inside you this guidance, whether you believe it’s divinely inspired, or God inspired to the universe, or your subconscious or whatever you might find that in my experience, that’s something that can help you in getting quiet and being able to listen to this voice and connect it with proven coaching practices and ways of finding out what’s best for you and what you most want. To create can help you create a better business, a greater life and a greater opportunity for you to serve others and make an income. So I hope you find this helpful. At any step, please let me know whatever questions you have contact me. Again, I’m not this superduper expert that’s better than you. I’m just somebody else on a journey with you, hopefully also learning from you and also impacting your life. Thank you