Welcome & Introduction

Hi Wade Galt here, author of put your money where your soul is and creator of four day workweek entrepreneur Academy, where I help entrepreneurs create an abundant and sustainable four day workweek lifestyle so they can better enjoy their friends, their families and their lives. In this four day workweek gameplan, I’m going to show you the core plan to how successful entrepreneurs create and maintain an abundant four day workweek lifestyle. These days, it’s a lot easier to have four days of work in three days of play. It’s more possible than ever because of technology because of how things have evolved in the global workplace. Whether you’re an employee, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, the workplace is more focused on results now. So if you can get results, you can get paid and people are less concerned with how many hours you’re actually working. So, working a four day workweek, can be learned and it can be planned. I happen to help entrepreneurs do This and I teach them how to make more money in less time doing what they do best and enjoy most so they can in greater enjoy their friends, their families in their lives. years ago, almost two decades ago, I wrote a book called push money. We were solos about how to make the most of our personal lives. And then I’ve taken that work to my small business clients and helping them understand how to best run their small businesses, and still work a four day work week and have time for life outside work. As somebody who’s started their business mowing lawns at nine years old, I’ve been involved in the back and forth between wanting more money at times, and at times, wanting more free time. When I left college and started my work, I was working 50 to 60 hours a week and a corporation. And then seven years later, I decided to start my own business and wanted more money wanted more freedom, more opportunity like most entrepreneurs do, but very quickly was working. A lot of extra hours and then not making as much money. And finally, almost 22 years after leaving college and starting the corporate work world, I was able to create my own four day workweek lifestyle, making the income I needed to make, and still been able to enjoy time outside of work. I have the energy to be present for my kids, for my wife, for my life for myself. And as I’ve done this and worked with clients, I’ve been able to help them create greater lives where they can work less, make more, have more fun, still grow their business, and have it be something that’s part of what they do on a regular basis, not just a once in a while. phenomena.