8.1. Wandering Thoughts and Negative Ideas: Exercise

Now realize that you can also use your wandering thoughts as a means to discover your negative ideas through finding the thoughts that you often dwell on. That means they’re their attachments and when these attachments they’re negative ideas, so you can start observing for thoughts which you often dwell on which you cannot pull yourself away from, such as thoughts about hating someone liking someone, such as thoughts about your cravings, your desires. The practice of meditation can help you greatly to discover your thoughts, your attachments, the thoughts which you often dwell on. But if you do not practice meditation, just try your best. And when you do find negative ideas, use the worksheet from video 16 to store it. Also, you can ask questions such as Why can I not let go of these thoughts and what is not okay, that prevents me From letting go asking these questions can help you to find a negative ideas behind the wandering thoughts in which you cannot let go .