Use the TPB Formula

Hey guys, and welcome back. I am so happy of how much you have accomplished, you know this pause and reflect on what you’ve done. I mean, you have now have you have a purpose for your book, you wrote it down, you now have an idea of the audience that you want to target. And most importantly, you have an outline for your book, from how it’s gonna look from point A to point B, like, this is a big, big milestone. And for that, I want to applaud you, because this is not something a lot of people reach in the book writing a lot of them, they just start writing, without having idea on which direction is going, you now have a roadmap. But now, this is where you’re going to get your hands dirty. Or as they said, In the US, this is where the rubber meets the road. Now you’re going to actually start writing in Nikolas, start taking that outline and making it into a book. This is exciting. Now, I’m going to share a few writing fundamentals and tips. So you can get started in writing and be consistent. I’m not going to share it all in this video. But I am going to share the TVB formula just to get started on things you own some principle that you should have, which is again, it’s called the tdb formula. Now I share this with my students. It stands for time, proximity, and boundaries. So Time, time, this is where when do you find the best time to write? When do you think do you think that’s going to be early morning? While everybody sleeping? Or do you prefer in the evenings? Or you an afternoon person? When’s the best time for you to write? And then how long do you think you need to write the day? Is it half an hour? Is it one hour is two hours? Or maybe it’s just 15 minutes, like figure out how much time you’re going to write in a day or even in the week? This does not because you want to have a writing plan, and everybody’s else’s is going to be different. Next is proximity, proximity. This is about your environment, you know what environments inspire you? Is it in your room? Is it outside in the porch? Is it going to a coffee shop with a some noise and coffee aroma? Is it going to library with stayed quiet? What environments inspire you. For example, for me, I love going to coffee shops. Like even when there’s noise and there’s in a buzzer energy going around, I that’s what I enjoy when I’m writing. So that’s for me now for you might be very different. So what environments inspire you the most, you want to make sure you have that down. And then the last one is boundaries. Now this is not about environment, like a boundary around you. This is actually setting boundaries between your family or your friends. Where if you have a selected writing time, and somebody wants to improve that, you need to be able to set your boundaries, and let them know that this is your goal. This is your time for writing. Now, I know even right now, if you write early in the morning, obviously nobody’s gonna bother you, you should be fine. But if you have times where you work during the day, they need to be able to tell people that like, Hey, this is my writing time. We can meet a overtime after that, or I can give give you my attention by right now. This is what you have to do. Again, this is your dream. And this is your call and you want to secure that space for your writing. Or well if the book is not going to get done. So again, it’s not you being mean, it’s not you being unsocial, assist you setting the right boundaries, to know that, hey, this is a set. This is my this is groundbreaking for my dream, and other people won’t understand it some most will. And there’ll be their work around it. So anyway, that is my tpB formula. So member time, when’s the best time for you to write and how long can you do you want to write in a day or even a week? Okay? Next is proximity, the environment which environments inspire you the most. And then B is boundaries. Making sure you set healthy boundaries between family and friends, is very important. In fact, there is a book called actually boundaries. I believe it was by authors Townsend’s I can’t remember off my head. But if that’s something that you really struggle with, I would highly recommend reading that book. It definitely helped me and it might help you as well. So anyway, I hope you found this useful. Go on to the next lesson where I share more writing fundamentals that you can do and start apply into your writing.