Understand The 4-Day Work Week Journey so You Can Move as Quickly as Possible

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the four day workweek journey. As I’ve mentioned to you, there’s this progression for most people, that starts out with being in a situation where you’re an employee, and wanting to eventually create more freedom. Now, this could be your first job, you might say, Wait, I’ve been an entrepreneur since almost immediately, but at this one time I worked for somebody, whatever it might be. It starts out usually with getting paid by somebody else for your time, and then moving forward from there. But there’s a piece to this equation that’s not yet shown here. That comes before you become an apprentice. The first thing that happens is you have to decide that you’re going to look to be an entrepreneur, and or that you’re going to look to be a four day workweek entrepreneur, or some similar lifestyle doesn’t have to be exactly four days, but the type of lifestyle that you want, whatever that looks like, and this is a freedom, a liberation that comes into internally. And the simplest way I can explain this is that there’s this fog that first happens in the ability for a person to see what they really want. And then there’s some clarity that comes out of it. And for many people, it looks like this, maybe not everybody, but it looks a lot like this. First, we see somebody else who has something that we want. Now, if you’re really evolved, you might skip this stage of being a hater, or being jealous of somebody else. But say, wow, that person does this thing. Why do they get to do it? Why don’t I get to do it? Why do they get to be an entrepreneur? Why do they get to work for days, whatever it might be? And that goes hand in hand almost with this non believer like, that’s not possible or that’s not legitimate or they must be a crook, or maybe their parents gave them money, some sort of way that still mentally there’s this block. And while this block is there, you can’t create a 40 workweek lifestyle because you’re still believing it’s not even possible. Then that Similar to the doubting phase, well, you know, maybe it worked for one or two people, but it’s not gonna work for me. It’s this really low percentage thing. Here’s the reason why there’s almost excuses usually built into this, well, this person had this advantage or this privilege, they have something I don’t have. But bottom line, it can’t work for me. And eventually, perhaps, if you get exposed enough to watching other people around you do it, perhaps you listen to a podcast or you watch enough successful people do it, you say, You know what? Maybe this is possible. And that’s really the turning point, at least internally, that now instead of looking for all the evidence that it can’t happen, you start looking for the evidence that it’s possible. And from there, there’s this sense of hopeful maybe I could be that person. Maybe I could become an entrepreneur, maybe I could work for days. And all these stages, I stages that I’ve been through, I got to go through them, perhaps quicker than many because my father is an entrepreneur. So I was blessed. In that way, but I also did spend seven years working in a corporation after I left college, because I wasn’t so sure if I could make it happen. And then you become a believer. And once you become a believer, you see the colors in the diagram here starting at lighter, there’s this sense of possibility this could really happen. And now it’s more of a thing of kind of figuring it out, as opposed to thinking that it can never happen. And then you start seeking, okay, what is it that the people that are doing this, this thing that I want this entrepreneur thing, this 40, workweek thing? What are they doing, and I’m going to start learning from them. And even if I haven’t yet started learning, I’m simply going to make this decision that you know what, I’m going for this. And so this whole conversation, or this whole framework, or this whole idea goes on for most people internally. And this is something that can take hours, two days, two years, depending on how you work on it. Now there’s a piece of the process I teach called the four day workweek gameplan I’ll share it with you in here. It’s also available separately. If you have friends who are taking a look at this, it’s available for free. And it helps a person get from that place of either hating or non believing to a place of deciding, believing it’s possible, having hope, and then seeking out the solutions and deciding that you’re going to make this thing happen. And then now, once that happens, there’s the external process of creating this and making this happen. And very often it’s this journey from an employee. And then there’s a crossover when you decide I’m not going to be an employee forever. I might not be able to switch just yet but I’m moving in the direction of eventually becoming an entrepreneur. And these are those stages of the apprentice, the person who is usually working for somebody else, or they’re being paid by somebody else, and they’re really not yet creating their own opportunities, but they’re moving towards something and they realize that they can make better use of their time. Better. Enjoy their relationships. They already have better enjoy the money and the things that they already have. So this is not about making improvements inside work. This is about making improvements outside of work. And when you make that decision, you basically decide to say, I’m going to take everything I have, and make the most of it, my money, my time, my relationships, my things, and do whatever I can to make those enjoyable, as fun and productive as possible. This is actually the theme of a book I’d written years ago, almost 20 years ago called put your money where your soul is. And the whole focus is to really just enjoy what you already have, without yet even needing to change jobs, to just create as good a life as possible. And from there, then you can start working on how you can be worth more inside of work, how you can create more value, be generating more income, create a sense of freedom, that knowing that either this employer is going to give you more freedom and allow you to work the lifestyle and the hours you want or your events You’re going to move to the next step and start your own gig your own side business, your own deal, where you now start freelancing and creating what you most want. And whether somebody will let you or not, you start moving towards that solopreneur and business owner opportunity of creating your own situation. And that is something that for most people, takes months, two years, but like anything else worth working for, it’s going to be a process that if you engage in it, the results and the outcomes will probably be well worth it. So in my process, the game plan is that first piece, and then all the steps going from apprentice to business owner, and an even additional step called mentor are involved in what I call the Academy. So what I’m going to do is in this piece here, teach you how to as an apprentice, create the lifestyle you most desire, outside of work, make as much improvements as possible without You need to change jobs just yet. Maybe you will eventually do that. And I’m certainly all about that if the timing is right for that. But this is all about realizing you don’t have to wait. So many people say, Well, when I get the job, I’ll do this. When I get a raise, I’ll do this. The Apprentice stage is all about saying, now I’m going to make some sort of improvement, some sort of change. And I’m going to do that now. I’m not going to wait. So I really invite you to start being open to the possibility and be excited about and hopeful about what can be to be in the seekers mindset and decide that this is something you’re going to make happen. In my case, it took me 22 years from the time I left college and started working to create my four day workweek lifestyle. I’ve been enjoying it now for years. And I can tell you, being at the beach on Friday, playing volleyball with my friends, is a lot better than being at work. Wishing somebody would notice me hoping somebody would grant me something that might or might not become it. So With all the trends that are in the workplace of employees, considering granting people four day work weeks, that’s great. And if that can happen for you, and you can keep the stability of your job, that’s awesome. Again, in the apprentice here, we’re first just going to focus on what you can do to be better outside of work. But either way, I’m going to suggest you make that decision that this is going to be something you’re going to create whether somebody gives you permission or not.