True Self-Acceptance Is Two Way

On your journey of developing self acceptance, you will also realize that accepting yourself is no different than accepting other selves, and accepting other selves. It’s no different than accepting yourself. Because you see when we reject when we accept an idea in the mind, that idea of ourselves is the same as the idea of other selves. For instance, if we don’t like the idea of being arrogant, we will impose that idea not only on ourselves but also on other selves to give you an another example, if we do not like the idea of selfishness, then we won’t have like other selves which was selfish and also ourselves when we are selfish. So accepting ourselves It’s no different than accepting other selves. So on your journey of developing self acceptance, you will realize that you will naturally become more accepting of others when you start to accept yourself more. So to really accelerate the journey, what you can do is to start accepting others for who they are as well. Because in doing so, you’re also accelerating your progress, of developing self acceptance to work yourself as well. The deeper mind sees no difference in this self or other selves. And to really accelerate the journey you can also carry that mentality towards every day of your life. So whenever you make a mistake quickly come out of self negativity and 10 sounds good job, Melis. Let me fix this. Every time you face an unlucky situation, life to sell Oh, I can handle this. This is no problem. Don’t dwell in negativity saying, Oh, I’m so lucky. I’m so lucky. I’m so stupid. How come this happened the hell out of this mistake come pull yourself out often. Now because it’s hard to pull ourselves out of negativity when that happens. That is why I created this technique where you can apply it at night, which will be easier because you’ll be out of the negative experience. Because usually when we are in a negative experience, we can be so reactive and the mind dwelling on negative thoughts, it can be hard to pull ourselves out. But when we apply the technique at night, it’s much easier because we’re no longer in that situation. We can just think about it in our minds and start to take baby steps to develop self acceptance in this way.