5. Transforming Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny john. Today let us talk about how to transform the negative ideas. So the suffering states of the mind is experienced when we are attached to negative ideas. So to release ourselves from suffering, we transform the negative ideas and to clarify, transforming negative ideas is the same as releasing our attachment towards them. Now, there are many methods to transform negative ideas. And of course, you will find your own method on your own journey. But for any method to work and must, in some way develop self acceptance because negative ideas ideas which promote self rejection, and to transform the negative ideas, we have to do the opposite what you To develop self acceptance, so, the key to the So, the key to self transformation is to develop self acceptance and naturally self acceptance is developed when you develop self knowing, but let me simplify this process for you today I want to give you a basic method. So, you can have an idea of how it is done of the journey that you will have to make. So, let’s begin. So, say if you discover a negative idea and your suffering experiences say it is not okay to fail, you simply inverted to the potential ated idea, which is it is okay to fail. This will give you an idea of the journey that you will have to make for self transformation. Remember, the journey is not about becoming a failure. But it is about developing self acceptance that it is okay to fail. Now, having the knowledge of how to establish a journey is already powerful enough, but how do we complete it? Well, first we have to develop the intention to complete it. So let us do that. Let us understand why transforming the negative ideas into the potentiated ideas can release ourselves from suffering. So let’s use an example say that you just failed in a job interview. Right? And if you just keep on dwelling in that negativity, if you keep dwelling in that negative idea that it’s not okay to fail, it’s not okay to fail. You’re just going to continue to experience negative emotions, thoughts and physical sensations, you will just continue to experience suffering. But if you are okay with failing, then you won’t experience any negativities So say if you are able to convince the mind just for a moment that it’s okay to fail, you will definitely be able to experience happiness and relief from suffering. So, you can try this when you experience suffering to try to convince the mind just for a moment that it is okay to fail to accept the opposite the inverted idea just to accept the opposite of the negative idea. And if you do experience relief, it means that you have found the right negative idea in your experience. Now, of course, this will be very difficult, because there will be a lot of resistance. When you try to convince the mind of something different. We try to go against Their minds beliefs that has to go against its attachment to what’s a negative idea it is not okay to fail. But realize that the more you come out of that negativity of dwelling and that negativity of failing, the more you will be transforming your mind off the habit of always dwelling in the negativity that will stop the feeding of the negative energy towards a negative idea which sustains it. So, just keep on trying to convince the mind. Now of course, we have to convince it in a natural way. So let us look at how we can do that. Now the mind is convinced naturally, there are negative ideas that transformed naturally when we develop self knowing, but what kind of self knowing while knowing about ourselves of why we can’t be in this state of self acceptance and those moments? Why do we have to dwell The negative ideas instead of simply accepting that it’s okay to fail. Developing, the knowing of why there’s a lack of self acceptance is very important. Because then we can know the ways to develop that lack. And within we can use life experiences. To develop the self acceptance, we need to transform the negative ideas. For instance, if you realize that the experience of suffering is there because of a lack of self forgiveness, you can start using life experiences to develop self forgiveness. So we’re not trying to brainwash ourselves to accept an idea which we do not accept. We’re trying to use life experiences to convince our mind naturally that it’s okay for instance, to fail. So, the Developing self knowing is very powerful because it allows us to discover the spiritual lessons that we can go through in life to accelerate our journey of self transformation in a more direct way. So in summary, negative ideas are transformed when we develop self acceptance and self acceptance. It’s naturally developed when we develop self knowing. And oh yes, also, you can ask yourself questions to uncover your spiritual lessons such as, Why can I not accept this potentiated idea? Why can I not exceed that person? For instance, when they fail? Why can I not accept myself when I fail? How can I reach a state of self acceptance? When I fail? You can ask yourself many questions to uncover what you lack and steal You need to take to complete your journey of self transformation. So there you have it. This is the most basic way the fundamentals of transforming negative ideas. Of course, there are hundreds of other methods. You can find them on my website creation within creation.com. And I will also be talking more about them in my later videos. So I’ll see you soon.