Trailer for Practical Time Management

…inspired by Mike’s best-selling book, “Brilliant Time Management – How to Manage Your Time”.

Nobody has too much time, especially in this busy busy 24 hour rush rush world of Twitter, mobile phones and latte in a paper cup. If you want to make better use of the time that you have, this could be the most valuable course you ever sign up for how much you get done to pens on your attitude time. And in this video program, I’m going to show you practical techniques that allow you to get more done by shifting the way that you think about using your time. Practical time management will arm you with a host of tools and techniques from an established expert in productivity and getting things done. I’m Dr. Mike Clayton I’m the author of brilliant time management, the yes notebook, and powerhouse. three books, which really show you how to get things done and to be effective in your daily, private and working lives. Do you want to spot what’s important and focus on it to make a real difference? Would you like to enjoy productive time and take the chore out of the work that you have to do, but don’t normally enjoy? Would you want to program your mind for productivity, we know that multitasking is not the most effective way to work. But if it’s what you choose, I’ll show you the best way to make multitasking work as effectively as it can for you. I can show you how to schedule your activities to get more done in the time that you’re working. And therefore make more time for you and your family. I’ll show you how to say no to the things that just get in the way. So you can focus On the things you want to do, the things that deliver real value to you and your priorities. In this program. I’ll show you how to prioritize your time effectively. And I’ll show you how to use a powerful four step process that will allow you to take control of the time you have available, and get more done. This program isn’t about fancy systems and sophisticated technology. It’s about understanding how your mind works. So you can be more productive in your busy, everyday life. You’re going to learn how to set yourself up to succeed, how to manage the stresses of overwhelm, and distinguish overwhelm from overload based on a lifetime of getting things done, and hitting deadlines. I’ll show you how you can combine psychological principles with practical techniques. To get more done, to be more productive and to have more of the things that you want in your life, whatever you do in life, whatever you hope to achieve, practical time management will show you how to do it and to have time to spare