There Are No Statues for Critics

Hi, let me start with a wonderful story for criticism. Once there was a painter who had just completed his course he painted a beautiful scenery. This was his first painting. So this booming painter wanted to know about people so painting and about his caliber and painting skills. So the beautiful training that he painted, he kept in ABC crossing Street and below this painting he put a board which read as I have painted this new paint So since I’m new to this profession, I might have committed some mistakes in my stroke. Please put across Mark wherever you see a mistake. The painter just keep the painting in the street and he just went on as usual. And the next day he came back. He was just shocked at looking at the painting and he had really tears in his eyes. The painting that what he had taped was fully without X marks and strokes that everything has been wrong. This hardened and broken completely he landuse tutor who taught him how to paint with tears in his eyes. Then artists told the master painter what had really happened. The master smiled and asked him I will tell you to do one thing, recreate the painting again and show me the smaller painter did what does the master store. Now, the master took this painting and he just wrote a new thing. That is a new board. Gentleman, I have painted this piece. Since I am also noodles provision. I might Come made some mistakes in my strokes. So what have readers I have a box with colors and brushes just below. Please do me a favor. If you see a mistake, just pick up the brush and learn to correct me. Miss learn to correct my painting. With this the master and the disabled walk back home next day they came again. There was not a single stroke in the painting. And again it happened for another day. Also, there was also not a single stroke or was no into sight or there was no correction in the painting. The painting was lying there on more than one month of time, but nothing has happened. The great moral of the stories it is easier to criticize, but nificantly improve. Don’t get carried away or be depressed by what you have done with your work. Criticism is something to be taken lightly. If it is positive, take it for your life. If it is negative, forget the criticism. I’ll set