The ‘What’s in it for me?’ Factor

Tips inspired by the book, “How to Speak so People Listen: Grab Their Attention and Get Your Message Heard” by Mike Clayton.

How to speak. So people listen, One Minute Tips, people will listen when they get what’s in it for them to listen. So focus on that all important, what’s in it for me factor. And the way that we do this is to make sure that when we speak, we articulate the benefits to our audience of listening. We also do this by respecting their personal styles, their styles of thinking, their styles of speaking, and therefore their most convenient styles of listening. And finally, to really articulate that what’s in it for me factor, you have to hook their memory, so that you lock what you say in a memory can be enhanced using five factors. The first thing that you say, primacy factor will always stick in people’s memory more strongly than other things. But so too, with a Last thing that you say, the recency factor. And of course, anything you repeat time and time again, will stick. That’s the frequency factor. And of course, if you say something in an unusual way, you create novelty and novelty sticks in people’s minds as to strong emotions. And finally, if you can engage your audience in some physical activity, then that will help it to stick in people’s minds. When people get what’s in it for them to listen, and they’ve got a clear way of remembering what you say that’s important. Then they’ll pay attention. Then they’ll listen