The Waterfall

Hi, folks, and welcome back. And this particular module is possibly the most important of all of the training you’re going to get inside this course. Because designing and structuring an understanding, a great course curriculum is very much part of the secrets of making great online courses. Now, by the way, it’s really hot outside, it’s already about 20 to 22 degrees, it’s 943 in the morning, and we’ve got ambulances occasionally going backwards and forwards, and the birds are going absolutely nuts. So if you occasionally hear a bit of extraneous noise, did Excuse me, I don’t think it’s going to get in the way of what I’m trying to teach you here. And indeed, we’re going to touch on this kind of teaching and this kind of thing later on in this course. So look, planning and curriculum. Yeah. Now, one of the things that people really struggle with, I know from working with people on course making is they struggle with, you know, what do I teach? What have I got to teach? Yeah, what should I be teaching? What what form? Should I be teaching what I’m teaching? Will it sell? Will it find a marketplace? There’s a dozen thoughts that kind of crowd around and collide around. And all of those thoughts add up to basically getting in your way. Yeah, you basically you’re in your head. Yeah, you’re too much in your head. There’s too much stuff going on in the noggin. And effectively what happens is it it stops, what might have been a beautiful, original inspiration to make a course. And suddenly you kind of find yourself in a myriad of little byways through a jungle, and you can’t find your way out easily. Okay. Now, so what I’m going to teach you through this module is an approach that I’ve developed that basically tries to shortcut you through that stuff. Yeah. It tries to get you to a place where you can teach with confidence, something that you know, you want to be teaching that aligns with a strategy that is marketable. That you can teach flute as I say fluidly with confidence, with good grace and in a supportive way for the students who would be coming. And you know, the buyers, the clients, whatever, coming inside it coming into your course. Yeah, it’s tremendously important to get this stuff nailed down. So let’s dig into that. That process