The Ultimate Focusing Question

Okay, so this next question is real weirdness. All right, but I do sometimes hit clients and people I’m trying to help with this question. And usually this next question I hit people with, if they’re absolutely stuck, yeah, having thought about the stuff I’ve talked about already, they’re still completely stuck about what they should teach. Yeah. What should I get into? What should my first course be about? Yeah. Well, okay, I want to posit the following scenario to you Come on Mind Map, Up you go. I’ve got two hours left to live. A friend, someone who I care about deeply comes into the house, and I want to pass on some teaching or wisdom within this two hours, at all, I think will really truly help this person. What am I teach? What would I spend an hour and a half of my time with that person? in that kind of scenario, passing on teaching? Yeah. Now the reason why this question works is because this is what you really care about. About what you really know and what you truly believe will be truly helpful to a friend. Okay? And if you have kids if you can if you can construct it like that it’s a it’s a kind of focusing question this one that might help you get past a block in in trying to understand what you could teach yeah and and you know the thing is be really free in your answer to this and I can’t answer this for you I’ve no idea what you would you would do yeah. But but you know that they’ll they’ll probably come a topic or topics that will start to come to your mind. You think well okay, if I was not smarter, what would I teach? Why am I teach this because I feel that would help that person in life, career business, friendships, love, whatever, okay? And this is what I feel is worth teaching. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you go down some personal development tangent. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you only you know, because this question Sometimes will will steer you down towards kind of personal development teaching or courses. But you know, you can back it off a bit and think Well, okay, yeah, there is part of personal development there. But actually this will be a skill that this person could use for the rest of their life. You know, it’s the classic thing about you know, you don’t you don’t you don’t give someone fish, you teach them how to fish. What would be the thing that you would teach someone how to fish in an hour and a half. It was truly important, and it was the thing you were going to really focus on, so that that focus in question can can help