The Third Sign

This is John’s Gospel, it is the fifth chapter verses one through nine. And I do hope you have a chance now to pause this video and go read that section in your Bible, have your Bible with you as we continue through it. So go ahead and pause out for a moment. I’ll be here Don’t worry when you get back. Now you notice in this narrative that Yeshua does not tell the man that he he’s cured. He doesn’t actually say he’s cured. He tells him to just get up and walk a little different here than what we’ve seen in the other sign. That’d be sign number two, where he actually cured the person And it’s just interesting the language that you use and how it’s used. So we’re going to do is ask some questions of the passage first, using ancient Bible study methods. And from there we can move forward into the spiritual area. First, I was wondering why is the Sabbath called a feast by Jews, it is considered a major holy day. But a special Sabbath, which would be a feast Sabbath was one that occurred before a holy day, or a major holiday. So the Sabbath is always important. But the one that comes before a major holy day like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, those are special. So we get a timeframe of where we are, we’re probably in what we would call the September timeframe, or even could be before the Passover which actually puts you back in late March, early April timeframe, just understanding that that a special Sabbath was held before a holy day or a holiday and it was a special feast. We were at the sheeps gate. And what does that mean? Well, when people brought sheep into be offered as sacrifices to the Lord in the temple, they came in that gate. Quite interesting how they segregated the different sacrifices, as they were brought in five porticoes are mentioned. And it’s believed that these five porticos were built to represent the five books of God’s Torah. Now an angel came to stir the water. Why was that? Well, first, we don’t know what Angel it is. And it would have been very significant if the author would have told us But unfortunately, we don’t know much about the angel. A couple other things that might be worth looking at is this was done on a Sabbath. A festival Sabbath yet healing was not permitted on the Sabbath. And what the author is trying to do is show you a tension between your shoeless thinking, and their thinking because it doesn’t say in the Torah that you cannot heal someone on the Sabbath. In fact, it says, no work. What does that mean? So if you go to like the mission, now you’ll find a very, very thick section on what you can and can’t do on the Sabbath. And that was always going on. Now, for a moment, let’s think about the culture because that’s important. Professional begging was an occupation in issue as time people would beg at holy places because The people passing by would be extra generous. The Lord’s Torah did say giving to the poor and the infirmed was a mitzvah, a mitzvah being a blessing. politicians and religious authorities were known to hire beggars. Ah, that’s pretty wild. They would place them in a holy place. And then they would take a percentage of whatever the, the beggar brought in. Now you see what asked the man if he really wanted to be healed. Now, why would he asked such a question? Wouldn’t you want to be healed? Well, Jesus knew that a beggar at the temple was earning a pretty good wage. He was making good money. Why would he want to relinquish this? Well, maybe it’s because he thought he was cheating people. And that’s wrong. People also in your shoe as they believe that illnesses were originally did with the Lord sin caused it the parents in caused it, something of that nature. And they really did believe that and you she was telling us throughout the Gospels, that’s just not true. This third sign or miracle in John’s Gospel demonstrates the Lord’s grace to all people, that the Lord is willing to offer forgiveness to anyone who is searching for it, no matter what their sin is, or was. The man who was healed said that he could not get to the water when the angel of the Lord showed up to stir it. That’s what caused the healing. However, an interesting question for you to think about. The man couldn’t get to the pool when the angel is stirring the water. How did he get to where he was in the first place and that brings apart brings up things about religious men and politicians sitting beggars at holy places. Well, this man really wanted forgiveness. And perhaps the sin was not that he was lame or he was injured. The sin was that he was cheating people, and he wanted to earn a real wage. He was being a taker. And for whatever reason, he decided he wanted to be a giver. Now, let’s look at the spiritual analysis at least parts of it. The man who wanted to be healed was working exclusively in the material world. There are two worlds in which one can live. You can live in the material world, you can live in the spiritual world. The man was living exclusively in the material world because he was cheating people out of money. His work did not contribute to either world. He had to get someone to play Some near the pool of water, he had a bed for coins. And you show it cured him by allowing him to find some kind of work that contributed the material world and would allow him to enter the temple. Because now he’s fit and to discover the spiritual world. There are barriers that come up that prevent you from getting into the spiritual world. That’s what he was talking about. The man was saying, Jesus, I can’t get to the spiritual world. I don’t know how to do it. I’m being blocked from doing it. Please, please, please come help me. That’s the spiritual angle, the spiritual meaning behind this. We have to learn first to live in the realm of mouseclick because we do live in the nephesh in a material world We can’t get around it. The first steps of moving to the spiritual world is to recognize that it exists. And that our materialism can block us from getting there. Nothing wrong with having stuff. Also bear that in mind. You should never says Get rid of everything. You have to learn how to put it in perspective, and possibly use your materialism if you will. To learn about the spiritual world, study the Torah because your room your spirit, wants to return to yes set to go back into the into the tree of life. It’s the nephesh that’s preventing you from doing it. In the case of this man he wanted to be healed meaning he wanted to enter the spiritual world. He needed a beginning and your shoe up, gave it to him. He gave it to him materialistically by allowing him to be healthy physically, once physically healthy you now go into the temple and what? study Torah study of Torah is how you’re going to get into the spiritual world, five porticoes, in mysticism. The five signifies the total absorption of the physical realm. He had everything he needed from the physical realm. He understood it perfectly. And each of us need to have that. Once we understand the material world, we can move into the spiritual world because the material world will no longer block us. Yeah, she was the Messiah is the seventh vessel going back to kaina. Remember, six vessels, plus your Sheila Yes, Sheila will help you discover the neshamah, which is part of your soul that connection, I should say the Shama is the spark of life of God in you, but also, what drives us spiritually is the next Shama. Turn to you see what turned to his words, read John’s Gospel looking for the spiritual implications. There is so much more I have written in the book on the third sign. So, either you want to buy that third sign book, or like I said, if you’re going to do the whole series, buy the whole series book. Because there’s more to come, we still have four signs. So, I hope to see you and sign number four, or part four of this series, whichever you call it. God bless and may show up continue to lead you on your Hero children journey as you ascend the ladder of ascent god bless and shallow.