The Story of Five Travelers

decisions and like any point and every point in your life, you should be needing to take some decisions in your life and based upon your life based upon your decisions, your life will change. And the path you chose can be different based upon your decisions. It can be some decisions that would turn out to be good, and there can be some decisions that are reversed. But the feedback that you get from your worst decisions, Willington depend upon the next decision that you’re going to take. But in life, you have to make a decision. Let me just start with a story. Once there were five travelers who got lost in a genuine, they don’t know how to get it from the general and they were so confused. The first question, let me just go to the Let me see what happens. The second person, let me just go to the right hand side. And let me see what is going to happen. The third person would let me just go backward, all the way that we came here. And at the same Let me see what happened. The fourth person, I’m going to go straight, no matter what happens to the fifth person, looking at all these people don’t, I’m going to go on sit on top of the tree and wait for a proper decision to make. There are also wild animals will be in the jungle and I will be eaten by one of them. So he went and sat on top of the tree. The first person who went left, went and face the big agricultural land after this gentleman has been or so he saw the land has very 40 he established himself a very farmhouse, he built up a family and the people around them and the key was kind of a Which agriculture person, the second person who went on the right hand side was faced with a big pack of food. He was a kind of a strong and a poor person. He fought the motorcycle in the hills and killed everything. So he established himself like a great tribal leader and a perfect to have many families living on that land. The third person went all the way back for many travelers like him. He became very good friends with them and even fell in love with the girl and established a family here. The fourth person who went straight, met a larger palace and the king The king was very happy about his wisdom, and he appointed him as a minister of this palace. The fifth person was still sitting on the top of the tree, afraid that some animals be killing him or eating him. He died off he never got off. Take a decision and died on top of the tree because of starfish. The moral of the story is, it is better to take a bad decision, rather than not taking any decision at all. My dear viewers, don’t put your life like this. When you are faced with fear, take some decision. Don’t just run away from this fear. Even this decision may be bad, it just take this as a feedback of what has happened and change your decision accordingly. But the more you don’t take a decision and go into a mode of hiding you fear will definitely increase. Let me just let us just take an example of presentation. Many of us are afraid of presenting in front of a large crowd. We feel what is going to happen. What is what what are the people going to think I’m going to get nervous. How am I going to create a big Finding into my mind and these are all the situations that is going to happen not only to you, but to every single person who’s going to do their first presentation, or going to attend a first interview. But you have to make up your mind to come out of your fear. Go and stand there and do the presentation. Let it be bad, let it become worse, let up become nervous, but still, you take something the second presentation after this will be a feedback from the first presentation and believe me, you’re gonna really do good if your first attempt at raising the fear is fade, but still make up your mind and heart that you have to go and stand there. Just go instant. Don’t run away from you. Yes, take a decision to act on your fears. Not to be like a person who is sitting on top of a tree and watching What is going to happen next? I think you would have loved this story. I think you are going to act on top of fears one step at a night. Thanks for watching this video. Have a nice day.