The Source of Powerhouse Effectiveness: One Thing at the Heart of Powerhouse

Tips inspired by the book, “Powerhouse: Turbo Boost Your Effectiveness and Start Making a Serious Impact” by Mike Clayton.

source of power house effectiveness. When I was designing power house, one thing was at the heart of my thinking about where effectiveness could come from. And that was the idea of a continuous loop. If you want to be productive, successful, effective, it isn’t enough just to do something and then to stop. success comes from a continuous cycle. First, identify what it is that will deliver real valuable results. then analyze the situation and make sure you really understand it. Then, plan carefully figure out how you’re going to deliver the results that you want. And finally take action. Except it’s not finally Is it because This is a loop having taken action, identifying what’s next. Analyze that, put together more plans and take more action. powerhouse effectiveness comes from the powerhouse loop.