The Sixth Sign

Welcome to revealing biblical treasures. This is the sixth miracle in the Gospel of john. These videos are called Jesus and the Kabbalah where we look at the spiritual awareness that Jesus was telling us about when we read John’s Gospel, but the first thing we do is a little bit of ancient Bible study methods. And I just realized before you do that, you have to pause the video and go read your Bible, and you need to read this story. And I want to give you that where it starts and finishes it’s it’s a long story. It’s pretty good. All of chapter nine of john one through 41. So pause the video, go read it. I’ll be here when you get back. Okay, so let’s ask some questions of the passage. So was this mind this man blind from birth? This is an essential question. Two people in Jesus day could pretend they were blind, because they could be beggars and get people to give them money. And that was happening quite a bit. They would sit in the market places they would sit it in this case at the in the pool of Salone. And basically, they’re cheating people. Religious men like Jesus were natural marks for pretenders. We’re gonna assume that this man was blind from birth. But I’m just saying culturally, may not have been that way. So you might ask yourself the question, what was the culture of begging? Well, blind people had to support themselves. They didn’t have a welfare system. So blind people would work as beggars it was considered a profession and physically fit. beggars didn’t get money in the same way that blind or lame beggars did. Another question we can ask is did people believe that the sin of the parents were placed upon the children? Well, physical deformities that individuals had, were blamed upon parents. People in Jesus day believe that the children inherited the good and the evil attributes of the parents. In Jesus day, children were compelled to pay for the debts owed by their parents. In some sucker of circumstances, children actually put to death for the sins of their parents. The prophet Jeremiah said that the truth would be realized one day that every person is responsible for their own inequities. Eastern people believe that their children could be stricken by evil because of a curse of the parents was believed that parents that broke specific religious laws caused illnesses on their children. Let me ask the question of So why was spit and clay used? Well, Jesus de spitting was often a way of repudiating disease and people’s belief in sickness. The clay with spirit did not heal the man. Jesus actually does the healing. The clay and spirit were to symbolize the repudiation of the illness or the blindness people needed to see signs In order to believe that healing had occurred. So another question is Why did not the Pharisees understand Jesus as the Messiah? The blind man was not able to read the Torah, the prophets for himself. Nevertheless, he did believe that Jesus was a man from the Lord and venerated him. The highly educated people of the Galilee, who could read scriptures, like Pharisees did not believe in him. They could not interpret the scriptures to realize that Jesus was the Messiah, because they were blind from the truth, by their pride and hatred. their traditions and other rituals, blinded them from understanding what was going on and in the spirit of the Messiah. Yeah like to take a look at the spiritual awareness part. In the beginning, I insaaf, which is the name of God in the Kabbalah, created the heavens in the earth. einsatz said let there be light, that light from Microsoft created the 10 emanations with the 10 separate. The light from the Sun and Moon was created later on that first light that we find in Genesis as a spiritual light that was necessary for creation of the upper and the lower waters. The light we received from our sun and our moon is physical light, that our nefesh our bodies need to exist biologically. Jesus spoke about the kingdom of heaven. And this kingdom is the spiritual kingdom that was created in the tree of life in the lower waters. The Kingdom can be thought of as the first nine separate the 10 separate mouth, what is the physical world that our room Spirit exists in while we are in the nephesh the body. When our rock is placed into the nefesh, we become temporarily spiritually blind during our life and manhood. Our ruoff wants to remain connected to the lower waters, however, it needs the nephesh and now put, then makes us spiritually blind. Jesus showed us ways to break through spiritual blindness. This sign that we looked at, is to teach us that the nefesh can break out of spiritual blindness. And when spiritual blindness is removed, the true nature of the universe and our place in the tree of life is shown to us. The light of hindsight, can be recognized can be integrated into your life. The light of einsatz surrounds us and finds us in the universe together. The entire structure of the Tree of Life would cease to exist. If einsatz light was not with us. There is so much more that I go through in the book, The sixth miracle of Jesus and john. And if you’re gonna watch this whole series, might as well like I’ve said in every video, get the book that has all of the signs in it so much more in the book that I and I can go through in this video. So I hope what this video is done is intrigued you to study on a bit further. So God bless and take care shalom.