The Six Doors to Life

And welcome to my video on six doors to life. This is one of the most important video and the story what I’m going to speak about will in turn explain all the facets of your life and all the troubles or fantasies which you have been having in your life. I don’t want to make it a delay. So let us get into the story. Once there was a prince who wanted to understand the real value or wisdom of life. So he went and approach the great master of how to have or how to understand the value of life. The Great Master just showed him a path and as the finish to follow along this path, then he may be learning the great real wisdom towards his life, the prince as instructed, carried on his journey, and after some point of time, first he saw a bigger, large door on top of the large door It was written, go change the world. So the prince really wanted to change the world. He was having Huge ideologies or huge missions and values. So he thought that it is time to change the world based upon his values and ideologies and his thoughts. So after some point of time, or after some years then after he has changed the world, the prince once again continued on his journey. And after some point of the time, the prince witnessed the second door, on his journey, the second door was written go change the people. So the prince again took a great deal of effort then he wanted to change the people, according to what all he thought or according to matalas ideologies, on what audios teaching said he has not. So even after some point of time, the prince after doing this task carried on his journey, Honda on the journey he made the third door which was written as change yourself. The prince understood the meaning of this door, and he took a great deal of effort in changing himself. He learned new things, he had got a great deal of new wisdom, as a result of coming to understand about himself. So, this also took some wine of time in the life of this Prince, this Prince, again, continue this journey. So on towards his journey, he made the greater teacher again, he told him that, oh, my dear teacher, after all the three doors that have come across change yourself was one of the greatest those that have witnessed, it made a great amount of change in myself, rather than me trying to change this world or me trying to change the people. So this great learned master smiled at him and told him, my dear friends, still the wisdom or the knowledge of the world is not has is not coming to you. You need even to continue this journey further. So the prince was kind of very personal. He thought that he had learned the greater Wisdom of the world. So as per the instructions of this great master, he still continued this journey. On the way to the journey, he saw another door, it was written, accept yourself. So the prince understood the meaning of accepting himself. So, all his complaints, all his dissatisfaction towards his life as reduced to a great extent, after he started accepting himself. Then, this took for this, as usual, took some years of learning in his life, and then he still continued the journey, then, the next door what he saw us, except the world. So, the prince understood that it is not good enough to change the world, based upon his ideologies, and it is proper and it would be highly wisdom writing to him to understand or accept the world as it is. So, still, he again continued his journey. Then he came across another door, which read Except the people. Now he understood that all people are completely different from him each would have their own values each would have their own fears. Each will have their own dissatisfactions, their likes and dislikes. And, and it would be very bad to just separate the people from these Kingdom values. So the moment he started understanding the principle of accepting the other people, most of his troubles vanished. So the prince again, continued his journey. And after continuation of the journey, he made the great teacher again, the great teacher had told them, these are the six doors that has been creating many sort of conflicts in person’s life. The last three doors, that is accepting the world, accepting the people and accepting yourself will repel a great deal of fear from your life, your unwanted pneus from your life or your great deal of misery that which you had been surrounding your life with. So he advised the prince to take a note of this great lesson that what he had learned along this journey of life. I hope so my dear viewers that you would have been interested in this story of the six doors so I would request you to understand what is the six doors in your life because the six doors is completely different from each and every people in this life. I do not want to continuous video further on putting explanations I hope so this video is self explanatory for you. I hope so really that you enjoyed this video. I look forward to seeing you in the next video. All right, bye. Take care.