The Seventh Sign

Welcome to the seventh sign, or miracle, if you will, in John’s Gospel. I see you’ve made it through all six. Number seven, where is raising Lazarus from the dead. It’s in chapter 11, verses one through 44 in the book of john, and what I’m going to ask you to do is to pause your video and go read that chapter. So you’re ready to listen to the discussion. I will be here. I’ll wait for you. Go ahead and pause your video as we’ve done in the other six videos, We’re going to take a look at this passage through ancient Bible study methods. And I always include culture in it. And I’m going to start right with culture. Because this is pretty important to understand what’s going on. illnesses were treated differently in Jesus day than today. Physicians and healers. They never rushed to a home when they were summoned. They were not paid for their work. And the family would give the healer some kind of gift if the person survived their illness. healers were not concerned about their reputations in the villages. That’s why they weren’t too worried about getting there fast. If they had their occupations or professional things to do, but they would take care of those things first. Now, the term he sleeps, That’s a Hebrew term that means he is dead. When a noble or a holy person died that people would say, he sleeps with his father’s. Now Jesus said that this sickness, and this is Lazarus sickness is not unto death, but to the glory of God that the Son of man might be glorified through the sign that was about to happen. Now, of course, was raising Lazarus from the dead. Jesus did not believe that death was a finality. Death was the end of physical life, but the soul continued on. Now Lazarus sisters were angry that Jesus did not come immediately because they did not understand this sign of resurrection and what was going to happen. Now, on the third day, which includes the date of person died, relatives and friends would gather to It was believed that the soul of the deceased would be able to hear the words of the mourners like a farewell. That’s why the ladies went to Jesus tomb on the third day. Now let’s ask some questions about the passage. What does it mean that Thomas was willing to die with Jesus and the Near East, faithful servants would offer their life and place of their masters. Thomas said that he was going to date Jesus place if it ever came to a death sentence. Yeah, no, it really didn’t happen, but that’s what it meant. So what did Jesus mean that he is the life and the resurrection? on Jesus teaching, especially this one, he demonstrated that all people are children of the Lord. The Lord’s image is in each of us and cannot be destroyed. The spiritual nature of people is indestructible. And Jesus is going to demonstrate this again when he is resurrected from the dead. So you could view this narrative as a precursor to that story. Now, Jesus brought back a soul who is in heaven, and restoring the physical body to perfect health. The restoration of the body is neglected in this narrative. But the interpretation concentrates that I’m sorry because the interpretation concentrates on the soul. Just for a moment. Consider the body Lazarus, Jesus was able to heal his body. If the soul returned to a body that was dead, then Jesus wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Therefore, it is possible with faith to cure the body. However, This concept is tentative at best. There are plenty of people who offer prayers for the sick and watch them die. There are times the body is so damaged that it cannot be repaired mourning, the Holy Spirit can offer healing. The person must want that healing and offer prayers to the Lord. Let’s take a look at at the spiritual aspect of this story. You know one of the biggest mysteries to us is that of death. What happens to our souls when we die? And that was a big question in in Jesus day also. Jesus teaches in this narrative that death is an end to one’s physical life, the nefesh but it is a rebirth of the Ruach that is our ruoff will return to yes in the tree of life. Death is not enough. But rather a continuation of the rocks existence. This concept is the seventh level of spiritual development. So go back and look at all the first six of them. Each one is a spiritual development and an understanding. And it is by the grace and love of the Lord God that we get this understanding before death by following the spiritual lessons from Yeshua, Jesus, that is, we can ascend on the ladder of ascent. Bringing us to the fourth, Sephora has said, No, I’m counting from the bottom up. That’s how it works on the ladder. Pass it is love, grace and mercy of the Lord. It is necessary for us to reach this level because the next step through the terror the veil between headset and Bina is the entrance into the upper waters of the tree of life. The spiritual lessons, all seven of these lead us to asset. Then through faithful discipleship to Jesus, and learn in God’s word. You can find your entrance into Bina and the upper world through the tear in the veil that Yeshua did for us. There is so much more in the book, The seventh sign Jesus and the Kabbalah more questions, more spiritual analysis. Again, if you’re at this point you probably did buy the seven miracles is one book. I hope this video has enticed you to read about the seven sign To begin your ascent up the ladder of ascent, to have said so that you will be able to follow the Messiah, Jesus through the tear in the veil that he made when he ascended from high set to Bina. God bless you and thank you for listening to this video and shalom.