The Self-Blessings Technique

In this course, you will be learning a technique called self blessings. This technique will help you to develop self acceptance. And within a month of practicing this technique, you should be able to see positive results inside and out. The other technique is very simple, but because it’s too simple, one may think it’s too easy, and then not even trying. And one may even give up in the beginning when one experiences no results. But realize this self transformation takes time. So it’s important to put out judgment aside and get the technique of fear go because the technique will transform your mind. Now when applying the technique, no doubt you will experience discomfort. This is natural because if a technique was designed to agree with your beliefs, to agree with your old habit pattern stain, what kind of change will there be there will be no change you will remain the same. So this technique was created to challenge your beliefs so that you can transform your mind transform the negativities within to create greater happiness. So proceed with an open mind. Now, let us talk about the technique of self blessings. It is very simple and only takes a few minutes to do. So, right before you go to bed. I want you to think of at least three things to congratulate yourselves about things that you’ve done during the day. It can be small things, big things, it doesn’t matter. And you can congratulate yourself in this way you can say this happened. And then congratulate yourself and your own way. For instance, today I completed my homework. Good job, Johnny. You don’t even have to say old name. You can say completed a project. Good job. Today I made someone love. Oh, you’re very smart. Good job. Today I bought something nice to myself. Oh, very good job. So it’s very simple as you can see. And the core exercise of this technique is to actually develop the belief that we deserve the compliment that we deserve the praise. So if you experience in the resistance, if you experience feelings that this technique is silly what that you do not deserve the praise, overcome it, because that’s how you transform your mind. You see if we do not overcome the resistance, we are simply sustaining old habit patterns.