The Secret to Managing Stress

Hello, I’m Mike Clayton. I’m on the beautiful Randstad. clipper attending the Randstad care event talking about it ain’t the stress that does the damage. The secret to managing your stress is to take control. And there are five points of control. And the first is your physical body take control of your physical response to stress, focusing on good food, good rest, and good energy. The second is take control of your environment, do something to manage the environment in which you’re working and living. When you can change your environment, you suddenly start to feel that you are in control. The third is take control of your time. Make sure that you plan how you’re going to use your time and constantly check on your progress so that you know that you are making the progress you need and you are in control of how you’re using the time. The fourth thing to take control of is your attitude. And an attitude or a series of attitudes that give you a sense of resilience will really help you to manage yourself. wrestling. And finally, the fifth point of control is your motivation. And the two principal motivations for many people finding their work are firstly to find meaning and purpose in the work they do. And secondly to develop and hone their skills so they get a great sense of mastery. So five very real points of control. And when you take control, your stress levels will start to reduce