The Second Sign

Welcome to revealing biblical secrets. This is episode or part two of our seven part series on Jesus and the Kabbalah, the seven signs or miracles, whichever you want to call them in John’s Gospel, this is miracle sign number two. It’s in john chapter 446 to 50 for you she was going to go back to Canaan and he’s going to do a little bit of healing. Now, we start off By asking you to pause the video for a few moments in a second here, pull out your Bible and go read that section. And then when you’re done, I’ll be waiting. just restart the video. Okay, so what we do in ancient Bible study methods is we question the passage and that’s what we’re gonna do first, and then I’ll talk about the Kabbalah and the spiritual significance to this miracle. I always wonder what kind of officer or official was this that came to your shoe to ask for this healing to be done. And I believe that it’s an officer from the king’s court that did it. And that’s because of the Greek word that’s being used. know a lot of modern commentaries, even Ancient Ones won’t like to say, Oh, he was a Roman officer. Well, he might have been. But that’s up to the Greek says the Greek says it’s a member of the royal court. Now, if he’s in Galilee, of course, we know that because we’re in kaina, then more than likely is an official of Herod Antipas, who was the ruler there at the time. It would have been a lot of rumors going around that, that Jesus was healing people. And this particular person may have been Jewish, may have thought, maybe, maybe this Jesus could help me out. It also says in the scripture that you see what came out of Judea. And it’s interesting because the first time was in kaina, which is in the galley. Then he goes back to Judea to talk to Nicodemus. Now he comes back to his home area. Member Kane is only a few miles north of Nazareth. So he’s coming back. You can equate that into all kinds of echoes in the Scripture. Now the question is Why did the healing occur? On the seventh, our seventh, our would have been one o’clock in the afternoon. It’s the number seven. That’s the key here. It indicates completion of healing. It’s found in the healing stories. And you’ll see spiritually that that seven means quite a bit. Also, remember, you see what does his healings now this is number two, I’m sorry, scratch that. He turned water to wine and he does his first healing by simply saying it. Just like God did when he created Heavens in the earth. You know, we also like to take a look at the culture of the day. And Pharisees and priests rejected to show as the Lord’s Messiah. until this point in the Gospel story. Jesus didn’t perform any great miracles, no big ones. Moses said that the Messiah would be able to perform great miracles. Unfortunately, it’s not known what these great miracles were supposed to be. The Hebrew people are fooled by previous false messiahs, who led them into failed struggles against the Roman army. So you can see why people might be a little disingenuously thinking about Jesus or I should say your Shema. Some thoughts well Hebraic people in G in issue is day we’re indeed looking for signs and miracles, which would prove to them that a person was a true Messiah. Again, because Moses said, so many people live before and during Jesus life claim to be that Messiah, but they weren’t. The author hasn’t neglected to put some information out there. Because it would detract us from the actual healing miracle. Healing a person without seeing them without touching them. In a way that is a pretty big miracle. It’s a healing force that you had. That makes it this incredible miracle. It’s really very simple story. So let me dig into the spiritual end of it. And this is again, the Jesus In the Kabbalah section, this son is healed on the seventh hour of the day. The number seven refers the seven Sephora on the tree of life, counting backwards, and that would be the Sephora has said, You Sheila came into the world to bring Lord’s mercy, Grace, love and forgiveness to people. These elements start in Cosette. The story is referring to the love and the mercy and forgiveness that the Lord wants for his people. You’re always showing it he’s demonstrating it because it is so strong that you should did not have to be present to receive the miracle. As shown in the caner wedding, Yeshua is the seventh vessel you show a symbolizes Cosette in John’s Gospel, it is written that Yeshua came to the world to show God’s love his creation. God is often metaphorically presented in myths and legends as a king and his children as souls and rural courtiers and Centurions, and military commanders of all sorts. Using the symbolism from the Kabbalah, the Royal official is symbolically God who asks his Messiah Yeshua to cure the people of the world. I know that might sound strange, but think about it that way for a moment. Alternatively, people not asking issue at a cure his people does seem odd, but it does give him a mission, which is to go out and cure people of their material. realism and prepare them to come back to heaven. Before a person can begin to climb the ladder of set, thereby moving into that higher spiritual plane, the person must be able to let go of everything that is contained in mouth foot, mouth at being the material thrown in the material realm. Your show is the guide on how to do this. your shoe acknowledges his mission from the Lord and demonstrates that he is capable of curing the Rahim that means the spirits, the people of the earth. So you show his mission as revealed he is to move people from the materialistic plane of existence to a spiritual plane. If this is accomplished, than the human ruin, the human spirit the human soul, would be ready to leave mouthful. re enters the lower waters of the tree of life through the realm of Yes. Another view I’ll leave you with. There are two opposing forces struggling with each other throughout history is a part of our human robots team that becomes attached to the pleasures of the nephesh and of Mount Hood. Life on Mount Hood is a short period, and that it is necessary to learn how to become devoid of the nephesh and materialism about foot. So that upon physical death, the Ruach returned to yes it in this spiritual struggle, the nephesh can play tricks on the rock by inducing physical ailments. The Messiah Yeshua was able to direct the sun’s raw back to the spiritual needs. Rather than the material needs the battle between these two worlds will always exist. The spiritual teachings of Messiah Yeshua will ensure that the Spirit wins the battle with the nephesh. Enjoying the pleasures of manhood is appropriate. They are the Lord’s innovations and should be treated as such. However, a traveler wanting to climb, the Tree of Life, the ladder of ascent must be ready to give up the material world in favor of the spiritual world. It is the spiritual world that a person should want to understand to reside it now This concludes the Second sign. There is more information on ancient Bible study methods pertaining to this passage and to the spiritual analysis. In the book. I did create a copy of the second sign if you only want to buy that one, or you might want to just get the book that has all seven signs. Because if you’re going to continue these videos, you’re really going to want to see the material I couldn’t put in the video, which are in the books. God bless. Hope to see you in Episode Three or sign three shallow.