The Salt in Our Life

Welcome to my another video of salt in your life. Let me start with the story here. Once there was a student who went and asked his master, Oh my dear Master, why is there so much suffering in this world? I see people who are constantly depressed. I see people who are constantly with critical illness. I see people with less happiness in their everyday life. Is there any way to solve this? Or to bring a great deal of happiness in every month? Oh Master, can you just teach me something? The master looked at the student and asked him mightiest one you asked a very nice question, but I would like to tell you to pray a glass of water and some salt with you. This student listening to his master went to the temple and bought a glass of water and a packet of salt with him. The Master has the master took the little salt and poured it into the glass of water, stirred it properly, then gave it to the student and told them my dear student, can you drink this glass of water, the student took the glass orchestration and then tasted it. He told the master that Almighty must am not able to drink it. It is very, very salty. Then this master group the student to a nearby small lake. Then he asked us to put all the salt that is there in the packet into the lake. The student did as he told us the master tool then the master told the student Why don’t you go and taste the water. The student took some water in his hand and pasted it and he told the master there will be a master there is no salt in this water. The water see what are we doing? As sweet as ever, the moral of the story is this short list of difficulties that we face in our life. And the more bigger the container in your life, the more you can manage the salt in your life. This is the moral of the story in our life we may be facing with innumerable amount of difficulties, but trying to avoid this difficulties or the sorrow in our life will not have a solution. Rather, we should try to broaden and make our container bigger. This is one of the fundamental essence of like piping. I do not want to give a further explanation after the story. I hope so that you have enjoyed the story and thanks for watching this video. I will see you in the next video. Bye