The Sales Page Exercise

Right, you’ve done a success path exercise. And now we’re coming on to the sales page planner exercise. Now, it can help tremendously if you if you if you basically a mapping things out also now in terms of how a sales page might look about your topic area, because that’ll start to focus you down on, again on the result you’re trying to give people, but on, particularly how particular elements inside your course will actually feed into your course curriculum. Okay. So what I would encourage you to do is take another piece of paper divided into three columns, and three lists, okay? And what you’re going to be doing is putting 3333 lists here, okay. column number one pain points. Yeah. What are the things that people struggle with or find difficult or need help with in your topic area? Okay, eight to 10 points and column one, column two. What are the features of the features of your course? Yeah, what’s gonna be in cycle course, this course is going to teach them how to set up a camera. This course is going to teach them how to plan an interview, this course is going to teach them how to develop a relationship with a prospective documentary film. interviewee, whatever. Yeah. But you know, these are the features, right? And the benefits column will be so that they can make make stellar in documentary film interviews, using the plan they’ve designed. Yeah. So a feature feeds into a benefit. And then what you do is you circle back to that list of pain points, and you and you, you match, you start matching the features and benefits to the pain points, you know, did you know is this benefit in the course addresses this pain point? great tip done. We had we’re solving that problem for people. Okay. But if you find that there is a pain point that you’ve written down, that your course is not solving, you might want to seriously think about Okay, what would I teach additional Inside the course, that would cover that pain point that I know to exist. So that’s the that’s the sales page planning exercise. So do that exercise. It’s going to take you 45 minutes to an hour, but do that exercise before you move on with this course.