The Opportunity to Live Your Purpose at Work

This section is all about the opportunity to live your purpose at work. You can bring divine energy and purpose to your current work, and see how special or how spiritual you can make your current work without even changing the work. See what you can bring to the work. Unless you’re involved in harmful or dangerous work, or doing something that hurts other people, experiment to see what you can do to positively impact your work world without changing jobs, at least for now. See what you can bring to the table. See how you can make shifts in your current situation. I scientifically looking at it and saying, well, the rest of the variables aren’t going to change the works the same? What can I bring to it? What can I make that’s different? How can I be excellent in this? in virtually every field in the world, there are people who are below average people who are average people are above average and people who are world class. Most of those people who are world class if you talk to them or hear interviews from them They have something that inspires them something that motivates them something that drives them, I’m going to suggest to you that having the divine is that thing. And divine guidance is that thing that inspires you and guide you is the most powerful thing you can have. And so to implement this, in the morning, connect with the divine daily for five minutes. And this week, ask the divine to help you know what you can do to bring more divine energy to your work. Maybe it’s meditating, maybe it’s praying, maybe it’s sending good intentions to people, as you’re working with them. Maybe it’s just listening to people more deeply. Maybe it’s being more patient with people being more loving. And then write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. In the evening, track your progress on that one most important goal and then journal about how you feel and what you’re grateful for. So again, I invite you to open up to Receiving, connecting to divine guidance and wisdom and inspiration. And then bringing that bringing that into your work into the interactions, the people you serve. We’ve all experienced situations where people are less than present, or they’re mean, or they’re disconnected. They’re not, they’re not focused on how they can best help you. And we’ve seen what that turns into. Not only does it hurt the business, from a profit standpoint, it usually ultimately hurts the person because maybe they make less money, or they help less people or they make a mistake, or they lose their job. And again, in this very practical world of business, and work where results need to happen in order for money to change hands, we can use divine inspiration to fuel us to energize us to inspire us. And then we can bring that energy to the transactions and the interactions we have with other people. We don’t have to ever try to convert somebody, we don’t have to change somebody’s way of thinking or, or prove their religion wrong or their view of the world wrong, we can simply come in and be a light, be a divinely inspired instrument, whatever way that looks like for you, and help bring more love more joy, more focus more presence, to the people we serve. And then that most people we’re going to find, want more of that. And so again, it’s grounded in spirituality. It’s also grounded in practicality, that people are going to want to do business with those people that make them feel better, that make them able to accomplish more things either more easily, more quickly, or at a larger level. And if you can bring that divine energy to your work, you’re going to be one of those people.