The Opportunity to Do Divinely Engaged Work

In this section, we’ve explored that you have an opportunity to do divinely energized work. You can do your best to intentionally bring divine energy to your work and the people you serve. You can invite the divine into your work life. Consider opening up to the possibility that divinely inspired work can better impact the people you serve, and create greater results and greater income for you. In order to implement this in the mornings of this upcoming week, connect with the divine daily for five minutes and invite the divine into your work world. Write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. And then in the evening. Track your one most important goals progress at the end of that day. So you wrote the goal earlier in the day. How did things go tracking In the evening, and then journal about how you feel and what you’re grateful for. So I hope you find this first exercise and content to be very powerful for you. As I mentioned, not sharing a lot of theory in here or a lot of ideas, as much as I’m looking to connect you. My understanding is that if you connect with Divine Wisdom, there’s plenty of insights and information there for you that I couldn’t possibly give you. But if you can connect, you’re going to receive those. And as you connect on a regular basis, as you make yourself available, and tune in, to what, at least in my experience, and many other people’s experience, the energy, the support that’s already there, it’s just waiting. As you tune into that I think you’re going to find that you’re able to better serve people, which makes it more possible for you to charge more money and help more people and whether that means simply reaching more people, creating more time job opportunities for the people who work with you as freelancers or as team members, employees, whatever that might be, that all of these practical material world things that having to do with making money, and being great in the marketplace, and understanding how to get visitors and traffic and close sales, that all of that still has fundamentals that lie in the material world of how to set up a Google page, or a YouTube channel or whatever it might be. But behind that, the inspiration, the why the reason the passion, is something I’m gonna suggest to you is divinely inspired. And so the more you connect with that, the more powerful that’s going to be. So I encourage you to take this program and this course slowly, really just do one piece a week. So we did the experiential exercise, and the work that goes with that, and now we have the follow up work, the implementation work for this week, and I encourage You to just take it one week at a time and focus more on the implementation. Focus on doing the morning exercises, even exercises. Write down your answers and the journal in the workbook. And I think you’re gonna find the transformation in the life of you and the people you serve and the people around you. There’s going to be something that is as much as or perhaps more than you’ve ever experienced. That’s not because I’m so great. It’s because in my understanding, if you connect with the divine, that’s the greatest power there is.