The Muscles of the Core

So let’s let’s talk about the core. And this is very, very important in the body because in order to stay upright and make sure that you are getting older, healthier, your lower back is not going to be painting you and you stay functionally very fit and active. Your core has to be strong. So the core is basically everything around your waistline and your hip. So here it is, on the front of your body. And this is your these are these muscles are your abs muscles, you’re gonna talk about them later together. The other one holding your core together your three M’s rectus abdominus, and your obliques muscles. And then you have on the back of your body. The erector spinae muscle, which is the part of spinal muscle, it’s running right along the spine with the modiphius is very important when these ones here so let me show you here. ileocolic lumborum as well. And then one one important for your lower back for you to remember that is the quadratus lumborum. This is the muscle which normally gets hurt for you when you are hurting your lower back. So we’re going to work on these. And especially, we’re going to involve the hip muscles, the gluteus maximus as well. And the front of your hip as well here. Now, I want to show you something about the core, because the core is the part of your body which was the center of gravity, therefore most of the stress it’s all here. So most of the time, this also gets very stressed and tense. So this is why we need to stretch this area as well. So the very first and easiest exercises if you have any injuries even is to rehab it is do the hyperextensions and one on one leg raises just like so. Or if you can’t On your elbows, I mean on your arms and knees then you can do it by lying down on the floor face down on prone. And then slowly you can progress into raising your upper body up and both of the legs and your upper body up together. And the first part of it is you just hold this for five to 10 seconds and you return yourself back to the ground. And then you can start a dynamic ways that means that you are lifting yourself up or legs and arms up 10 to 15 times. Let me show you a stretches because if there is nothing else you can do, you can actually stretch so I’m showing you this on the back here we do. So here is have a look so you are on your hands and knees and you making a cat back and as you are exhaling you making that and as you are inhaling you coming back to a flat and actually more of a hyperextended low letting your lower back then Hear. Now you can do the same thing while you are standing as well. You can stretch your back the grounding of your back while you are sitting if you cannot be on your hands and knees are a little bit of a light rotation while you are standing, how to strengthen your core I’m showing you a very fun exercise here for the kids but you can also do it as adults. So even if you are just holding the position, even the push up the plank pose position, it’s just fine even if you do it then as a progression with honor, one arm is also great. I’m showing you two other excellent core exercises which is you are on your both elbows showing you this in the video later. And here is the bridge pose with one leg up excellent excellent poses here and also the plank pose on the side on your elbows is all excellent for your core to strengthen it up I want to talk about a little bit of sciatica issues because I want to show you what it is. First of all, you should know that sciatica is in treatment of the nerve under the muscle or in between here the vertebrae is and a lot of your exercises can help you especially working and stretching out your gluteus muscles so and the piriformis we are going to show you this later.