The Movie Room

Download the resource for Module 7: The Movie Room

Madelaine from mind over matters. Welcome back to managing your mind, hope you enjoyed your breathing room. Actually, I hope you enjoy a version of that that works for you for the rest of your life. And today, we’re going to practice that movie room, which is to give you a better idea of the story you might be stuck in, so that you can rewrite that, if you like to. My mind movie is called the planner, much to everyone’s delight and dismay, I would say, sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes, not so much. So let’s find out about us. Welcome to the movie room. And it goes like this. Again, this will be the rest of your resources. And this goes in your success toolkit with the rest of them. So we all have certain thoughts that occurred to us more frequently and automatically than others. Hardly, if ever, fully aware of how we current and potent, these dramas of the mind can be. Just as a movie may lose some of its impact after you’ve seen it for the time. So to May your recurrent thoughts, mindless reactivity can be replaced by clear and conscious choice of what action to take, if any. Once we have identified and neutralized these provocative events of the mind to practice in through your movie will sit comfortably in a chair, eyes closed, feet flat on the ground back nice and straight. Be the life you want to lead. As with all of the exercises assume a posture of strength and dignity and goodwill begin to breathe through your nose, belly out on the in breath billion on the breath. Become aware of your breathing. When thoughts occur, note them and keep them with you long enough for them to expand. So this time before we let them go. We note them and let them expand into the little drama they can become when thoughts occur. We know them and keep them with us long enough to give them a title. And then let it go. And return your attention to your breathing. You have now produced and directed a movie of the mind. Each time one of your dramas occurs, note the title, let it go. And return your awareness to your breath. in through the nose out through the nose. You may stay in the movie room long enough where repeat the exercise often enough for you to develop a neutralize. Oh, I already saw that movie response to the recurrent dramas of your mind. And now let’s put the movie room in the success toolkit with our other tools. You may pick and choose among them as you see fit. And I will see you next time for module eight, the judgment room. This is a really important one that people find particularly useful because everybody’s doing it. Okay, bye bye.